11,000 subscribers for one stream – users supported Nickmercs after his criticism of LGBT promotion among children

On June 7, Nickmercs, perhaps one of the most popular streamers in this business, published on Twitter a call to stop the propaganda of LGBT among children who quickly turned against him. This comment has led to the fact that the company’s company set was removed from the Call of Duty store only a few days after its exit.

This marked the beginning of a series of events, during which the creators of the content performed as a sign of solidarity with Nick Merx or against it. For example, Timthetatman asked his own set to be removed from the Call of Duty store, standing his shoulder to shoulder with his old friend Nickmercs.

But now, after an almost two -week break, Nickmercs has returned to Twitch, and during his first broadcast, he saw a stunning support from the community.

In a statement published shortly after "incident", Nickmercs explained that he is not going to apologize or take his words back and that he is firmly standing on his statement – but he explained what feelings were behind him.

Last night, Nick returned to Twitch, having broadcast Fortnite and Apex Legends – the main games for a 32 -year -old striming superstar. During the broadcast, Nickmercs scored almost 30,000 spectators, and in 8 hours of broadcast he collected 11,000 paid subscriptions.

As a reaction to these numbers, Nickmercs wrote on Twitter:

Love and support mean a lot, thanks. They shot and damned damn. The train continues to move

In the wide, open world of creating content and streaming broadcasting, this is only a matter of time when the next scandal replaces this one, then the other scandal will replace it, and then the rumors will destroy everything that was before that before. This is the nature of the business, and no matter how bad it may be for some creators, it seems that Nickmercs survived his storm and was not particularly affected.