The Legality of Betting Sites Not on GamStop


My name is Patrick McGuinness. As an experienced gambling writer and SEO expert, I am often asked about the legality of betting sites not registered with GamStop.

GamStop is a UK-based self-exclusion scheme that allows problem gamblers to ban themselves from licensed gambling sites. However, there are many betting sites accepting British players that choose not to participate in GamStop.

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Enthusiast portended Wolfenstein 3D on Sega Mega Drive

There will be no secret to anyone that the games from ID Software are now trying to launch anything. From the microwave to some calculator or windows of a neighboring house. But, this only applies to the Orthodox doom, which now pays too much attention. But another game from these developers was not lucky, because players pay so much attention to it.

However, one of the enthusiasts under the nickname Gasega68k decided to correct this situation, and portrayed the good old Wolfenstein 3D for all his favorite 16-bit Sega Mega Drive, which is still known in the West as Sega Genesis. And the result was amazing. After all, Gasega68k managed not only to transfer the game, with all the giblets, but also convey its feeling. Due to this, now you can play Wolfenstein 3D on this old Sega console.

The very development of this port began even in 2011, and was carried out until 2018. And, apparently, it was in 2018 that the final version of this port was released, after which the development was stalled. Since then, there was no activity on the part of the author of this port, but the latest version of this port works and is played perfectly. Because of which it can be assumed that this port was completed.

The main menu of the game

As for the gameplay, everything is like in the original on a PC. Only management is carried out using a gamepad. At the same time, the game looks like Wolfenstein 3D, played as Wolfenstein 3D and it contains all the episodes from the original, including the familiar soundtrack and sounds. In addition, this port has a bunch of settings in which you can even configure the graphics by setting the graphic filter you need. Even the mouse support can be turned on, but for some reason this cannot be done on an emulator. Either this function has not yet been completed, or for it you need a real console with the mouse, it is incomprehensible.

Management, in this port, convenient. Well, from the point of view of the possibilities of the console itself. So, movement and turns to the sides, is carried out with the help of a cross, while button A is responsible for shooting, button B for running, which is also useful if you want to quickly turn around. Button C is responsible for interaction, and you can switch to the Y button between the weapon.

In addition, this game supports the function of preserving the gameplay, after passing each level. Because of what, if you want to continue the game from the place where you stopped, you can do this by loading your preservation and continue to play. In short, the port turned out just awesome. And if you want to test it yourself, you can download it from the author’s website, where he published all the versions on the forum, including the latter dated June 16, 2018.

Below you can look at the rest of the screenshots from this port. And if you are a fan of such old -school shooters, then this port will appeal to you. But, if you want to buy this game for the console itself, then on the Internet it is not difficult to find places where the cartridge is sold with the finished game.

Online online renewal 14.0.01

Dear players! Preventive work has been completed and the update is successfully installed on all game servers. We offer you to get acquainted with the list of changes included in version 14.0.01.


  • [subscription] The Star Trail server is combined with the Star of Good luck server.
  • The level of health and the speed of calling the star Pegasus are adjusted.
  • [subscription] Fixed a mistake due to which the glider of the sun and moon did not soar above the water.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct replacement of the cloak, which is part of the costume, when equipping third -party cloaks.
  • Fixed the problem led to the jerk of the camera when moving up the stairs at high speed.

Not a day without a gift

  • Assortment of available awards was revised.
  • Now, when receiving a reward irrelevant for the character, it will be replaced by an alternative.
  • Added new assignment options.
  • As a reward for every 7 day, you can now guarantee a symbol of a weekly reward.


  • The methodology for calculating the level of equipment in objects has been changed. The current rating will be rejoiced.
  • Temporary artifacts no longer increase the level of equipment

The game appeared in the game described earlier in the article "Rotation of world events".

  • Now, Erfar Krasnobay (in Novograd and Nezebgrad, as well as on the Suslanger and Eden), you can get new daily tasks related to the participation in the events for which the Irkalla signs will become, as well as the preparations from the astralum (blanks can no longer be obtained during participation in events).
  • In exchange for Signets, Erfar will offer you various goods and components, as well as artifacts and dragon objects.
  • For the implementation of old weekly tasks "Treasures of storms", "Hunting for a crop" And "Battle for Ambrosia" Now you can get only a reward specific for location, such as local currency and reputation.
  • The storm on the suslanger and the battle for Ambrosia on Eden are now taking place according to the fixed schedule: at 1:00, 9:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, 21:00, 23:00 Moscow time, and the carrier appears After each storm at 1:30, 9:30, 13:30, 16:30, 19:30, 21:30 and 23:30 Moscow time.
  • You can read more about these changes Here.
  • Please note that an updated event "The capture of the wandering island" has not yet appeared in the game, but it will become available very soon!


  • Now a number of tasks can be instantly completed for fate glasses.
  • Tasks "The final decision" And "And we are friends and herbs and trees": no longer require the performance of repeated daily tasks to complete.



  • The amount of health of ifrites is now reduced if less than 24 characters are involved in the storm.
  • The amount of health of the treasure kidnapper is halved.
  • The storm no longer has a fine of 10% of the speed of movement.
  • Fixed a mistake due to which the character did not get an effect "Shelter", If at the time of its expiration "Shadows of the Djinn" was under the protection of someone else’s "Shadows of the Djinn".

Hunting for Ur-Bogo:

  • Now the reward for the victory over the Ur-Boros will fall directly into the character bag.
  • Increased life time of ragweed charges falling out of the uro-brow during the chase.
  • Obtaining a new charge of Ambrosia during the chase now reduces the remaining time of the restoration of the mana-erais by 1 second.


  • Fixed a bug due to which the effect "Protection", acting on non -game characters (including pets and assistants), did not take into account the strengthening from the aspect of support.
  • The damage obtained by the pagan and necromancer in PVP is reduced.
  • Ability "Shield of shadows": Now the ability will work 4 times during maintenance, applying "Protection" At the target. The first triggering will occur immediately.
  • Ability "Nocturne": The description is adjusted. The basic duration of the effect "Nocturne" Now it is 0.5/1/1.5 sec.
  • Milestone "Healing music": Healing is increased by 25% on all ranks.
  • Milestone "Dynamic performance": Fixed a mistake for which the milestone did not slow down the bard when using the skill "Romance" And skills "Shield of shadows" In the aspect of the attack.
  • Milestone "Terrible fairy tales": Fixed a mistake due to which the milestone incorrectly increased the duration of the effect "Nocturne" Depending on the indicator of the dominance of the bard.
  • Ability "Acid": Additional damage with acid from the effect is increased by ~ 40%.
  • Ability "Flying fractions": The time of preparation of the skill is reduced to 2/1/0 sec. (Previously 3/1.5/0 second).
  • The location of skills and milestones changed.
  • All pagans will be available free redistribution of talents and milestones for mentors until May 4 (inclusive).
  • Added support skills: "Valor", "Power", "Acceleration", "Thirst for blood", "Bravery" And "A surge of courage".
  • The operation of support effects now has a special visualization similar to the bards and engineers.
  • Now dominance will also increase healing from the skill "A well of life" And from skill "Rejuvenation" The lords of the forest.
  • New ability "Take!": The pagan orders the pet to attack the chosen goal. Recovery time: 4 seconds.
    New ability "Wind": The pagan disperses a random positive magical effect from the enemy. Recovery time: 20/12/7 sec.
  • New ability "Red support" (Aspect of support): Orders the pet to publish an encouraging roar that applies the effect on the allies within a radius of 40 m from the pet from the pet "Protection". Recovery time: 30 seconds.
  • New ability "Roal of the leader" (Aspect of support): The pet is sent to the indicated point and accumulates energy within 2 seconds, after which, with repeated activation of the ability, it publishes a powerful roar that relieves control effects and disperses from a random negative magical effect from a group of 10 m for 4 seconds. Upon completion, the allies will receive an effect that increases skill indicators, determination and mercilessness by 50 by 10 seconds. Recovery time: 120 seconds.
  • New ability "Natural poisons": Pagan for 1/2/3 sec. imposes an effect on members of the group within a radius of 40 m, which allows them to apply additional damage with poison when using skills.
  • New ability "Animal skin"(Added at 21:05): The attacks of the pet are imposed on the pagan effect "The experience of the beast" (summarized up to 6 times). Having accumulated 6 levels of effect, the pagan can apply the ability to 2 seconds. impose on members of the group within a radius of 30 m effect "Protection". Recovery time: 30 seconds.
  • Ability "The call of the pet":
  1. Time Restoration of the skill is reduced to 30/20/10 sec.
  2. Reducing the damage obtained by a pets by area now is 50/70/90%.
  • Capabilities "Forest breathing", "Healing fog" And "Unity": Now they can only be applied in the aspect of healing.
  • Ability "King of beasts":
  1. The description is adjusted.
  2. The values ​​of the bonuses obtained by the pet are now consistent with the real.
  3. Skill no longer depends on the global recovery time.
  4. In the support aspect, additionally increases the damage caused by the new skill "Take!".
  • Ability "A spinning of life":
  1. Basic healing from skill is reduced by ~ 33%.
  2. Bonus to heal the skill from the milestone "Stormy growth" increased to 50/100%.
  • Capabilities "Update" And "Rejuvenation":
  1. Basic healing from skill reduced by ~ 38%.
  2. Bonus to heal skills from milestones "Rebirth" increased to 33/66/100%.
  • Ability "Unity": Fixed a mistake due to which the duration of the effect for additional purposes did not depend on the indicator of the swiftness of the pagan.
  • Ability "Emerald flasher": The value of the damage applied in the description is adjusted.
  • Ability "Bloom":
  1. No longer imposes an effect "Bravery" in the aspect of support, but now it disperses negative effects from allies and positive effects from opponents.
  2. Recovery time is increased from 45 to 60 seconds.
  • Capabilities "Thunderstorm" And "Thunder and lightning":
  1. The values ​​of periodic damage are adjusted.
  2. Fixed an error due to which periodic damage did not increase with the rank of corresponding skills.
  3. As a result, the periodic damage damage "Thunder and lightning" on the third rank increased by ~ 33%.
  4. The work of abilities is adjusted "Emailing roots", "Secret path" and a milestone associated with them.
  5. The roots created by skills are now identical by properties. "Secret path" More additionally does not slow the opponents around the pagan point of departure and does not provoke non -trial characters around the arrival point.
  6. Fixed a mistake due to which several intersecting areas with roots could work incorrectly.
  • Ability "Treasure": Remove.
  • Ability "Refreshing dew": Fixed a mistake due to which periodic healing did not intensify from the number of levels of the corresponding effect.
  • New Milestone "The anthem of nature" (Aspect of support): Using any skill of the combat support group for 20 seconds. gives the pagan an additional effect "Natural tact", corresponding to this skill. This effect is active, skills "Take!" And "Poisonous vine" Repeated to members of the group within a radius of 40 m used support effect.
  • New Milestone "The march of the forest" (Aspect of support): Using any skill of protective support for 20 seconds. gives the pagan an additional effect "Natural tact", corresponding to this skill. This effect is active, skills "Take!" And "Poisonous spike" Repeated to members of the group within a radius of 40 m used support effect.
  • Milestone "The gift of the forest": Healing from the milestone is now intensified by the effects that increase the periodic healing of the pagan.
  • Milestone "The mercy of nature":
  1. The increase in healing from the milestone now also applies to the healing of additional goals.
  2. Fixed a bug due to which additional goals could not be healed for every triggering skill.
  • Milestone "A ruined nest":
  1. The effect now works only with the sprout of the roots.
  2. In the presence of an effect "Stinging death", it will be absorbed, and the damage from the aspen swarm correctly increased.
  • Milestone "Steam": Now heals as a percentage of lost health, and not from maximum.
  • Milestone "The orderly of the forest":
  1. The description is adjusted.
  2. Now the milestone also increases damage and a chance of critical damage from a new skill "Take".
  3. Bonus to damage for poisoned goals now also applies to opponents under the influence of the effect "Poisoned claws".
  • Milestone "Wood barrier": Fixed a mistake due to which healing from the applied "Refreshing dew" did not intensify some effects that enhance the healing of the corresponding skill.
  • Milestone "Merciless storm": The values ​​in the description are adjusted.
  • Milestones "The gift of the forest", "The mercy of nature", "The essence of life", "Trudinism", "Rebirth", "Healing roots" Now they work only in the aspect of healing.
  • Milestone "Living water":
  1. No longer allows you to prepare "A well of life" on the run. (The milestone is now available in the aspect of healing "Sage", allows you to prepare this skill instantly).
  2. Fixed a mistake due to which the milestone incorrectly strengthened the healing targets. Now the strengthening will be 5/10/15%.
  • Milestone "Sage": Now requires the presence of an aspect of healing and enhances only the ability "A well of life".
  • Milestone "Drops of dew": Now requires the presence of an aspect of healing.
  • Milestone "Wood barrier": No longer requires a support aspect.
  • Milestone "Thick fog": Remove.
  • Milestone "Blackthorn":
  1. No longer imposes an effect "Thirst for blood" In the aspect of support.
  2. Now the roots heal the allies in the radius of action every second of existence.
  • Milestone "The offensive of the forest": No longer has a binding to the aspect.
  • Milestone "Poisoned claws": No longer has a binding to the aspect.
  • Milestone "Deep wounds": Now it requires an aspect of an attack.
  • Milestone "The guardian of nature":
  1. Restoration of abilities "Aspen Roy" And "Emerald flasher" Now it is 8 sec. and 4 seconds. respectively.
  2. Now the effect "Weakness" It is superimposed "Poisonous spike" in the aspect of the attack (previously the ability "Emerald flasher" In the aspect of support).
  3. The duration of the effect of the effect "Weakness" Increased from 2 to 6 sec.
  4. Ability "Aspen Roy" no longer imposes an effect "Vulnerability".
  • Milestone "Windbreaker": Application of skill "Poisonous vine" In the support aspect, now immediately imposes the maximum number of level levels.
  • Milestone "Dancing lightning":
  1. Now, if there is a studied milestone "Merciless storm" In the aspect of support during the response, it imposes on all non -game characters within a radius of 8 m effect "Dancing lightning".
  2. Application of skill "Emerald flasher" will remove it from all goals within a radius of 10 m and will cause additional damage by electricity.
  • Milestone "Thunder fist": Rename to "Primitive rage". Now the milestone increases the damage from the new skill "Take!" and restores mana when using it.
  • Milestone "Vetrov Reverse": Remove.


  • In the battles of Dominion are now also available 4 redesigned cards:
  1. Shard of power
  2. Uzilian
  3. Koch-izmal
  4. The crucible
  • Within a month from the date of installation of the update on the training dominion, only the above maps will be available.

Battles and adventures

Astral islands

  • Access to amber Layer of the Astral.
  • Astral keys to the characters are dropped. All characters have been awarded 42 new keys.

Heroic adventures

  • Heroic adventures are available for visiting amber layers.
  • The characters in the hands of the “blood vessels with the blood of ARAISIA”, “endless elixirs of astral vision” and “endless touts of the magical armor” are removed.
  • The season of ordinary heroic adventures is completed. Awards were sent for the most outstanding successes in conquering heroic adventures.
  • The season of astral heroic adventures is completed. Awards were sent for the most outstanding successes in conquering heroic adventures.

Melting island

  • The keys of the melting islands located in the characters were dropped. All characters have accrued 10 new keys.
  • Fragments of Gllet City Ice are transformed into fragments of dead ice.

Adventures for detachments

Citadel Nihaza

A new powerful adversary appeared in the Nihaz citadel – Iranoch!


  • Now the assortment of the quartermaster is available regardless of the rank of the character (only the amount of goods available for purchase changes with the rank).
  • From an intendant, you can no longer buy food of unusual quality.
  • Rank "Follower" (12500 prestige):
  1. The number of accessible goods of category "Food" increased to 30 (earlier 10).
  2. The number of accessible goods of category "Potions" increased to 80 (earlier 0).
  3. The number of accessible goods of category "Resources" increased to 15 (earlier 10).
  4. The number of accessible goods of category "Replicators" increased to 1 (earlier 0).
  • Rank "Championer" (50,000 prestige):
  1. The number of accessible goods of category "Food" increased to 50 (previously 30).
  2. The number of accessible goods of category "Potions" increased to 150 (earlier 100).
  3. The number of accessible goods of category "Replicators" increased to 2 (earlier 1).



Updated documentation for the API: DatamodsdocsmoddingDocument.Zip.Changes in the API contain changes that make a number of old user additions incompatible with the new version of the game. In the case of their incorrect work, please contact the authors for updating.

Insomniac has created the concept of the Venomized Sand Man for Spider-Man 2, but abandoned this idea

In the recently released game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans were waiting for several surprises. So, initially the developers planned to include another serious twist in the game, but then they were forced to refuse it.

According to the creative director of Brian Intigara, the team even developed the concept of the Venomized Sand Man. Given that this villain had little screen time, it would be a great way to make him more noticeable.

Unfortunately, the scale of the project would be too large, and the studio was not sure that she could meet the intended deadlines and save the required quality. As a result, the idea was rejected.

I’ll tell you. I did not tell anyone about this, we had the concept of the Venomized Sand Man.It was not like "You cannot do it because it is extra Y or Z". I think everything came down to the question: will we be able to do this taking into account the time that we have, and the quality we want to achieve?

It was a big problem for the studio, and creating his version with Venom would be even more difficult to create an ordinary sandbone. Nevertheless, the director does not exclude that something similar may appear in the future.

As I already mentioned, the discussion has come to the point that the concept of an venomized sandstone was created. Supercussion idea. Who knows, someday. Perhaps I will have trouble because of these words, but it does not matter. This is a very cool image. It’s really cool. We could never make it with the same quality that we wanted, and that would be. Well, it was a challenge – add to a standard sandy man a steepness.

And I thought: " Okay, let’s turn it into an venomized version?" Our team exceeded all my expectations when we started the work. Then I thought: " But let’s not do it".

Phil Spencer confirmed that in Call of Duty will be 100% content parity on all platforms

Xbox General for Games Fil Spencer said that Call of Duty will no longer have exclusive privileges for any platform in terms of content, since their goal is to offer 100% parity for all Call of Duty fans.

Speaking during the Xbox Podcast Show podcast, the head of Spencer discussed the recent closure of the transaction with the Activision Blizzard King, while confirming that the company does not plan to use Call of Duty to sell Xbox, promising to parity content on each platform.

“I want you to feel 100% of the community. I do not want you to have the feeling that you are missing some kind of content, some skins. Our goal is 100%parity on all platforms to the maximum possible degree for launch and content. I speak as much as possible about equality, because it is obvious that some platforms have differences in resolution and frequency of personnel based only on performance. But moreover, we have no goal somehow to try to use Call of Duty to convince you to buy the Xbox console.

I want the Call of Duty community to be supported on all platforms. We were on the other side of these skins, and even this beta version was not on Xbox in the first week. I do not think this will help the community, I do not think that this will help the game. So in the spotlight, if you are a player of PlayStation, Nintendo player, PC player or Xbox console player, I want you to be 100% part of the Call of Duty community ”.

This means that after the expiration of the current agreements, the entire Call of Duty content, from skins, modes and cards to even alpha and beta tests, will be available on each platform on which the game works. There will be no exclusives for the franchise that we have seen for a decade, and Xbox will not use it as a means of selling a console.

Minecraft’s vulnerability allows hackers remotely execute arbitrary code

Experts said that they discovered mods for Minecraft, allowing attackers to launch the remote execution of arbitrary code on game servers and user machines. With the help of vulnerabilities, hackers can access user data and use the final device to form a botnet.

Minecraft Malware Prevention Alliance (MMPA) community reported that many popular Minecraft modifications contain BleedingPipe vulnerability, which allows hackers to launch the remote execution of arbitrary code. Basically, vulnerability is found in modes for Minecraft based on Forge, but the community claims that any other versions of the game can affect the error.

The first time the error was reported in March 2022. Then users talked about the vulnerability found in the BDLIB repository. After that, the developers of the Mineyourmind server and the Enigmatica 2 Expert fashion package talked about the same error in their products.

On July 9, 2023, the Forge forum talked about the same mistake, noting that with its help, attackers can compromise the server and get the accounting data of Discord accounts and recording Steam sessions. Then, according to Forge representatives, the problem touched the fashion of Endercore, Bdlib and Logisticspipe. However, a message from the Forge administration did not fall into the field of user vision.

Representatives of the MMPA community compiled a list of popular mods affected by vulnerability:

  • Endercore;
  • Logisticspipes;
  • Bdlib 1.7-1.12;
  • Smart Moving 1.12;
  • Brazier;
  • Danknull;
  • Gadomance.

It is recommended that the server administrators check the server directory for the maintenance of suspicious files and refuse to use the affected mods until their developers correct the vulnerability. Players should scan the directory by car .minecraft using jsus or jneedle utilities. Vulnerability is a common error with ObjectinPutstream Silization in Java.

AVOWED developer: The trailer came out unsuccessful, unfairly compare the game with The Outer Worlds

Obsidian developer said the AVOWED trailer shown on the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, "Open as a trailer", And what is unfair to compare the game with The Outer Worlds.

Speaking at the RPG Codex forums, Obsidian developer Briir Die said that the AVOWED trailer could not show much in his 2 minutes, which, according to him, also means that he "Open as a trailer". He added that many other developers in the studio share his opinion. True, later he edited part of his above statement.

He tried to dispel the wrong ideas about Avowed, saying that the game is large and open, and that it is unfair to compare it with the previous role -playing game Obsidian, The Outer Worlds. He added that these two games "They are not like each other".

He shared some considerations regarding the trailer shown in the recent Xbox showcase, saying that the studio that created it has a little compressed the colors and edited the image. He said that published screenshots are much better reflecting what the game looks like. Although he added that they look completely random personnel from the game, and he is not sure why they were chosen from all. According to him, the probable explanation is that a random selection of screenshots can be made in order to avoid spoilers.

He said that a lot in the game is now hiding, and that the fans will have to wait until the next trailer or some presentation to see the game in action. He assured that fans can assume that Avowed is largely Obsidian. He said that the whole game is not bright and "happy city", And not all this is so vague visually. According to him, the game has many characters, quests, conversations, various gaming mechanics, the main storyline, etc.D.

At the end of his message, Die said that the development is in full swing, and that Microsoft provided Obsidian with a free license to do what she wants, and success or failure will depend on the studio. In his subsequent message, the developer said that Avowed has not yet joined the alpha phase, and the visual will be finalized in various ways, and the lighting will also change. However, he added that the design will not change.

Today, for New World, an extension that adds mounds, a new plot and not only

New World today will receive its first expansion of Rise of the Angry Earth, which will present a new plot, maonnets, weapons, a higher maximum level (65), the best objects (700). You can perform a new fractional quest and unlock a new fractional class full of valuable equipment and objects. The latter will also receive a new rarity called artifacts.

The southeastern outskirts of Aetermanum was captured by the forces of Artemis and fierce land. Explore the overgrown buildings of this new bioluminescent landscape and fight with fierce monsters that have hidden in this lush and uninhabited area. Rise of the Furious Land also presents the Wild Break expedition, as well as the new Heart Rune: Primal Fury, which turns you into a beast.

At the same time, New World will also receive a new season and several other entertainments. Amazon also prepared Twitch Strams, including drops.

In Steam now 15t online.

2 years already dies, 3 years have gone. Here on the PG "experts" (Read fans and connoisseurs of Korean and Chinese donate raws with half -naked little girls) She was prophesied for 6 months 🙂 However, during this time, Swords of Legends Online, in line Tower of Fantasy, died and closed

This MMO did not become better from these comparisons, in two years of content the cat cried.

Korean Grindilka Gacha Doylka and New World are equally flawed) Damn that the B2P game is also Battle Pass, a shop with boosters and cosmetics, but the PELILL on the Transmogs and Mount. Even ESO did not allow itself such greed))

Transmog is available for free, tokens for it fall from mobs, in Danzha and for the PVP Tracker.
Given the number of shmot in the game and the ability to paint it, in the New World you can really make the transmog unique.
I agree about the mounds, you need to do it for free for everyone. Mounts, by the way, are physically felt cool, almost like in Red Dead Redemption 2 (tested on PTR). Mounts need to be pumped, fed and dressed, this is like another profession.

There is in this game that many holds in it – this is PVP, namely the fighting.
She is really good here. Of all the IMMO interesting non-Turget PVP I met in two games, this is the GuildWars 2 and in the New World.
PVE is also norms for non-turbet systems. In breaks from PVP, you can drive in Danges, Pharmi Gold, weapons and the same transmog. In the game 9 dungeons (today is the 10th) with 10 levels of complexity. For a variety, you can sign up for inverse in cities and postpone the waves of mobs, break the raid-beard of the worm, get chests in the charters (in the PVP mode is more interesting when you meet a raid on a raid). They will add something else with the update for sure. The economy tied to the players also delivers 🙂 Prices for objects, are appropriate, food and their presence directly depends on the activity of players and demand.

The game of stars from the sky is enough, has certain disadvantages, but not complete humno, as all sorts of Vasyans write here. A strong middle peasant, but for 2.5k hours my friends and I spent it, and during this time we never had nothing to do. More than it I played only in GW2 and WOW, but those will be older games. Teso did not go due to the lack of high-quality PVP, but quests and pumping in it are at the highest level.

We watch a trailer for a large update Alt: // Rundown 5.0 – Rebirth for horror gtfo gtfo

10 Chambers – Swedish Games Studio, consisting of industry veterans known for Payday: The Heist and Payday 2 – I presented an unexpected trailer today, telling about the largest update in the history of GTFO: ALT: // Rundown 5.0 – Rebirth. Free update adds to GTFO 13 new expeditions, bringing the total number of expeditions to 58, which you can go along with friends. Alt: // Rundown 5.0 – Rebirth is released today and is the last important addition to the cooperative shooter to recognize critics.

In the grabbing trailer for Alt: // Rundown 5.0 -rebirth from GTFO, prisoners descend into a deep dungeon, where intense shootings await them. A terrible monster appears in the dark. Undoubtedly, not the last. With the last addition to the GTFO update series after starting, the only thing that remains is unchanged is that survival is far from guaranteed.

"Until now, this year we have released three large free updates for GTFO, adding new content and unfolding the history of the underground world GTFO. In this renewal of Rundown, prisoners will be sent even deeper to the complex and will be able to find records about who they are and the story of their character", – Says Robin Bjurkell, public relations director of 10 Chambers. "Searches to find out who you are and why you are here, continue".

GTFO is a hardcore cooperative multiplayer horror -player, where good team work means the difference between life and death. In a team of four players – prisoners held against their will by a mysterious creature by name "Boss", – Survival depends on the ability of the team to communicate, coordinate actions and manage their ammunition. For "Overseer" All of them are consumable.

GTFO uses a concept called Rundowns – regular game updates that add new expeditions (maps, scripts, enemies, etc.D.). These updates are free for everyone who owns gtfo.

Arkane employee claims that even her friends mocked Redfall to unsuccessful launching

The theme of the week, undoubtedly, was Redfall, exclusive for Xbox, whose debut turned out to be very uneven and disappointing even for the head of the unit. At the same time, it is impossible to deny that where there are failures, people enjoy the fall of a tree, and Arkane was convinced of this from their own experience, which was reported this week by Sadi Boyd, a 2D artist from the studio that created the game, writing on Twitter, that many of her so -called friends openly mock Redfall.

Disappointment, sadness and confusion – this is what, according to Boyd, she feels when the people with whom she admires the misfortune of the game and the company, and although she tries to maintain a positive mood, it is very difficult.

I did not expect that my peers, friends or colleagues would openly mock and enjoy the difficult launch. To rejoice in the failures of others, regardless of how you feel about the company, it seems vile. I feel sadness, confusion and disappointment. Although I try my best to maintain a positive attitude, I am a person and I have feelings. It’s hard not to worry when I see people that I had admired before, and then I hear comments like "They deserve it", " Their summary is now ruined by Hah" or "What kind of bunch is this"

Having received almost 500 retweets and thousands of likes, the Boyd post showed the face of the situation, which otherwise can only be interpreted as the failure of the corporation – a corporation, which, as we see, are real people who have experienced one of the worst weeks in their professional life.

Of course, no names were named, and Sadie Boyd also turned off the opportunity to comment on the message, but still this message has already spread throughout the Internet.

If you are crap, then people will poke your finger at you and say "ugh".

So that there is no "disappointment" need to make normal games. For some reason, the developers of the same Forza or even HiFi Rush nobody spread.

They made excellent games, but the problem of Imers are poorly sold. Easier to sell a jack.

Who is to blame for that they made a jerk off, which is not a way to attract an audience anything but jokes?

Perhaps the game itself is pretty (not), interesting (no), with new and unusual mechanics (no), just the genre itself did not come in, since there are many alternatives that have already acquired and people compare with them. Although rather they are equal to them.

Personally, I believe that the company turned the wrong way when I went to the experiment. Everyone expected a masterpiece from them, as it was with the SD project when they created Cyberpunk. Here is just a scope of another.

Oh yeah. Coop Droud Sold very well. Avengers, Etraiders, Gotem Knights, and now also Redfol, and soon a squad of suicides will not be allowed to lie – coop = success.

You can also recall Wulf Young Blood from the same Arkynov. The same coope of the other that was a failure

Blah blah blah. As if only on the developments depends on the final result. They moved their brains.

So they thought that everything would be delighted with the fact that they released such feces and did not fulfill their labor duties?

So she or he, writes that colleagues (Redfol developers I think so) also mock and rejoice "complex" launch

no, colleagues VSM are just the same artists. from other studios and TP.

Send Tifons to Arcane Studios! they will not be laughed)

Comments prudently closed. Otherwise, it would be depressed in general, for they would have been drinking a full hat.

When she made another worthless hat, which is estimated 5 out of 10 and which she can’t even work normally, but now she is worried, here is the saddle.

5/10 is something according to the type of Gothem Knights – there is no gameplay, but even the world is beautiful and the plot is normal. And here 3/10 at best

Poor, unhappy, rot it all. And the fact that they made such a shitty game that it is difficult to imagine, it somehow silent. "Complex start" they have, yeah. So they said – they crap, and now we are trying to squeeze out pity and introduce all those who played and dissatisfied, toxic gamers and t.P. We know, it was already.

About 80 percent of Twitter from such offenses consists.It seems that you can not write nonsense, carry out some work on the mistakes, nope

Partly she is right, but as a result, this is a collective responsibility. The leadership is primarily to blame. The idea of ​​the game could be cut at the start, or the price tag should have been not $ 70, but the conditional $ 70. Even Gampass will not save. A chance only if the developers suddenly release ingenious updates.

Conditional 50 rubles

So she is to blame for the same, she is an artist, and in the game vcpat everything is in terms of drawing and design

It is not worth it 30. Yes, games with graphics and worse than 30 dollars, such as Lite Brigade, but there at least there are an interesting interesting thing. And then what?

No, so, they did it, people did not snit and they were offended? So I’ll tell you a little secret, the baby is life and you need to pay and answer for everything.

Silent, she would have to close in the room and not stick out, otherwise God forbid someone askance, or worse, with a grin will look in her direction

And what friends cannot do it? And where is the whole game and some kind of separate outbreak (she) ? In addition, in terms of art, the game is also slag the same

Simple developers and other involved hard workers are not to blame. They can be understood by them sorry for the efforts spent. And who would not feel sorry for his own work?

The one who decided that the studio is famous at strong plot games can be to blame for a network zaruba is to blame. Dead project at the start.

First, we remember the strange semi -sowing magnifier, which the players met coolly. As we see, it was a transition project. And then a logical failure is both at the level of idea and at the level of implementation.

After this, I hope they will be trusted with a new single project, which they successfully implement.

I understand correctly that if success, then this is in common, and if the failure, then only the boss, the publisher and player who fanned everything is to blame?

Immediately the matter is. Specifically, players, and we take ourselves, do not ask any questions, turn to the studio itself. If she perceives herself that she is on Outsors and no one answers in the team, so we will not go far either. for me and it should also understand what the final product comes out, the type we make crap, it will not go to gamers, we turn to the bosses with the whole team. No, she put herself up throughout the studio, the type of one girl who tried to tolerate the game and not to mutter, so far an official answer, please regret it, this is not a grateful job.

It’s also funny about acquaintances, they write the type they should support her in this situation, they are familiar and friends, maybe from the very beginning they understood that Arkyn was doing crap?

It is a matter of making a mediocre game, and another thing to make a game that does not work at the basic level. Why does the intelligence of mobs not work, why shooting and impact from the weapon is so bad (I didn’t see worse), why the design of the tasks was made by a neural network and why it is not connected with the setting, nor with the elevation, nor with the story of the game (I have not seen it).

Such poorly made games from a large player (all the more, the dislUSE for Sonya was made much better), it is not accidental that the Japanese have no concept of good and evil and the borders of the permitted one, such a bribery of people is possible (Hello Kuprin which is under the label "English" The writer poured mud and drained UK and Englishs in the 19-20th century and was supposedly worked for Japanese intelligence and especially actively active with slopes during the Russo-Yaposnka War), if so, it was necessary to punish and bring Zenimax managers under the article. Why Microsoft simply did not close the completely non -working project is a blow to money and reputation, the project in any case did not repel the money invested.

Of course, it is not customary for the Americans to do such things publicly, but it can be fired to hell with the entire top menthrome of Zenimax and give the whole company Toda Howard Microsoft has the right to vote for the change of reign

Enough to make anyone the necessary plastic govno, that’s all.

Arkane themselves also need to be in the hall of shame.

She still seems to be experiencing a teenage period, poor thing, but adult life still awaits her

And ordered, she also give birth. poor.. not well, so yes, boys. We are all finishing the mockery and go drink beer!

Well, these are people yes. You can’t do anything. And what can you do? But nothing can be done. And in general, in spite of everything, I cleaned up the entire card in 20 hours and went through the game. I set up more or less graphon and, in principle, in solo, this is a cool adventure without serious manners in a deep plot. Just as if playing Far Cry from Arkane. The world itself with its labyrinths is made beautifully, it is really interesting to run in some places, and instead of scolding the game, I was simply content with the fact that there is. Just out of principle, because it is Arkane and visual style is recognized in some points.

P.C, if you seriously intend to bring here the next metaphor about eating de*bma, then this finally is never original, if only because I foresaw it. Once you can go through the game and even enjoy despite the fact that it is now in a terrible state.

It is precisely such people who are in the buffer to revel in the failures of others. Eat my good. Eat.

Understand that even Hellgate London fails better than this fake

I don’t need to understand anything. There is a personal opinion. Or do I have Haterkov to listen and give a shit to them in everything? Well, a frost*fox with the game, yes. But the game has good sides. Just everyone today needs impeccable hits without flaws. The rest is tasteless. Sometimes you read what people write, it seems that just a herd is mumbles in unison, if the game is praised, it means that these everyone will make sure that no one expresses opinions excellent from their position. If everything is scorched, then you must certainly fit into this movement. Some may not start games at all. Just come to shout that it was better before. One for all and all for one. Chew what give or starve and complain, what a sagging gaming industry. In any case – everyone in ** th. Especially those who make these games.

Facts on the game: the world is interesting, Arkyn’s handwriting is, they really worked on some things. The performance and intelligence of enemies is a wretched bottom – yes, the fact. Plot: if you play the game, nothing unusual, but still interesting. Found a girl with unusual blood – dried the girl became monsters. Trite, but as it is.

They stopped talking about games about games. On this site, in fact, a toxic community – no one discusses games, everyone comes in to smell each other and demonstrate their knowledge regarding the policy of gaming companies and monitor what time of the day Phil Spencer will fart and then will argue about what exactly this is his fart. This game space looks more and more on DTF. Well, since there are almost no polite adequate people here, or they just prefer to be silent and not write anything, t.To. For a long time everyone has already understood and are interested exclusively by the news itself, and not by discussion, then I will behave like mu ** to which only one position protects – my own. Good morning. "Moo".