Arkane employee claims that even her friends mocked Redfall to unsuccessful launching

The theme of the week, undoubtedly, was Redfall, exclusive for Xbox, whose debut turned out to be very uneven and disappointing even for the head of the unit. At the same time, it is impossible to deny that where there are failures, people enjoy the fall of a tree, and Arkane was convinced of this from their own experience, which was reported this week by Sadi Boyd, a 2D artist from the studio that created the game, writing on Twitter, that many of her so -called friends openly mock Redfall.

Disappointment, sadness and confusion – this is what, according to Boyd, she feels when the people with whom she admires the misfortune of the game and the company, and although she tries to maintain a positive mood, it is very difficult.

I did not expect that my peers, friends or colleagues would openly mock and enjoy the difficult launch. To rejoice in the failures of others, regardless of how you feel about the company, it seems vile. I feel sadness, confusion and disappointment. Although I try my best to maintain a positive attitude, I am a person and I have feelings. It’s hard not to worry when I see people that I had admired before, and then I hear comments like "They deserve it", " Their summary is now ruined by Hah" or "What kind of bunch is this"

Having received almost 500 retweets and thousands of likes, the Boyd post showed the face of the situation, which otherwise can only be interpreted as the failure of the corporation – a corporation, which, as we see, are real people who have experienced one of the worst weeks in their professional life.

Of course, no names were named, and Sadie Boyd also turned off the opportunity to comment on the message, but still this message has already spread throughout the Internet.

If you are crap, then people will poke your finger at you and say "ugh".

So that there is no "disappointment" need to make normal games. For some reason, the developers of the same Forza or even HiFi Rush nobody spread.

They made excellent games, but the problem of Imers are poorly sold. Easier to sell a jack.

Who is to blame for that they made a jerk off, which is not a way to attract an audience anything but jokes?

Perhaps the game itself is pretty (not), interesting (no), with new and unusual mechanics (no), just the genre itself did not come in, since there are many alternatives that have already acquired and people compare with them. Although rather they are equal to them.

Personally, I believe that the company turned the wrong way when I went to the experiment. Everyone expected a masterpiece from them, as it was with the SD project when they created Cyberpunk. Here is just a scope of another.

Oh yeah. Coop Droud Sold very well. Avengers, Etraiders, Gotem Knights, and now also Redfol, and soon a squad of suicides will not be allowed to lie – coop = success.

You can also recall Wulf Young Blood from the same Arkynov. The same coope of the other that was a failure

Blah blah blah. As if only on the developments depends on the final result. They moved their brains.

So they thought that everything would be delighted with the fact that they released such feces and did not fulfill their labor duties?

So she or he, writes that colleagues (Redfol developers I think so) also mock and rejoice "complex" launch

no, colleagues VSM are just the same artists. from other studios and TP.

Send Tifons to Arcane Studios! they will not be laughed)

Comments prudently closed. Otherwise, it would be depressed in general, for they would have been drinking a full hat.

When she made another worthless hat, which is estimated 5 out of 10 and which she can’t even work normally, but now she is worried, here is the saddle.

5/10 is something according to the type of Gothem Knights – there is no gameplay, but even the world is beautiful and the plot is normal. And here 3/10 at best

Poor, unhappy, rot it all. And the fact that they made such a shitty game that it is difficult to imagine, it somehow silent. "Complex start" they have, yeah. So they said – they crap, and now we are trying to squeeze out pity and introduce all those who played and dissatisfied, toxic gamers and t.P. We know, it was already.

About 80 percent of Twitter from such offenses consists.It seems that you can not write nonsense, carry out some work on the mistakes, nope

Partly she is right, but as a result, this is a collective responsibility. The leadership is primarily to blame. The idea of ​​the game could be cut at the start, or the price tag should have been not $ 70, but the conditional $ 70. Even Gampass will not save. A chance only if the developers suddenly release ingenious updates.

Conditional 50 rubles

So she is to blame for the same, she is an artist, and in the game vcpat everything is in terms of drawing and design

It is not worth it 30. Yes, games with graphics and worse than 30 dollars, such as Lite Brigade, but there at least there are an interesting interesting thing. And then what?

No, so, they did it, people did not snit and they were offended? So I’ll tell you a little secret, the baby is life and you need to pay and answer for everything.

Silent, she would have to close in the room and not stick out, otherwise God forbid someone askance, or worse, with a grin will look in her direction

And what friends cannot do it? And where is the whole game and some kind of separate outbreak (she) ? In addition, in terms of art, the game is also slag the same

Simple developers and other involved hard workers are not to blame. They can be understood by them sorry for the efforts spent. And who would not feel sorry for his own work?

The one who decided that the studio is famous at strong plot games can be to blame for a network zaruba is to blame. Dead project at the start.

First, we remember the strange semi -sowing magnifier, which the players met coolly. As we see, it was a transition project. And then a logical failure is both at the level of idea and at the level of implementation.

After this, I hope they will be trusted with a new single project, which they successfully implement.

I understand correctly that if success, then this is in common, and if the failure, then only the boss, the publisher and player who fanned everything is to blame?

Immediately the matter is. Specifically, players, and we take ourselves, do not ask any questions, turn to the studio itself. If she perceives herself that she is on Outsors and no one answers in the team, so we will not go far either. for me and it should also understand what the final product comes out, the type we make crap, it will not go to gamers, we turn to the bosses with the whole team. No, she put herself up throughout the studio, the type of one girl who tried to tolerate the game and not to mutter, so far an official answer, please regret it, this is not a grateful job.

It’s also funny about acquaintances, they write the type they should support her in this situation, they are familiar and friends, maybe from the very beginning they understood that Arkyn was doing crap?

It is a matter of making a mediocre game, and another thing to make a game that does not work at the basic level. Why does the intelligence of mobs not work, why shooting and impact from the weapon is so bad (I didn’t see worse), why the design of the tasks was made by a neural network and why it is not connected with the setting, nor with the elevation, nor with the story of the game (I have not seen it).

Such poorly made games from a large player (all the more, the dislUSE for Sonya was made much better), it is not accidental that the Japanese have no concept of good and evil and the borders of the permitted one, such a bribery of people is possible (Hello Kuprin which is under the label "English" The writer poured mud and drained UK and Englishs in the 19-20th century and was supposedly worked for Japanese intelligence and especially actively active with slopes during the Russo-Yaposnka War), if so, it was necessary to punish and bring Zenimax managers under the article. Why Microsoft simply did not close the completely non -working project is a blow to money and reputation, the project in any case did not repel the money invested.

Of course, it is not customary for the Americans to do such things publicly, but it can be fired to hell with the entire top menthrome of Zenimax and give the whole company Toda Howard Microsoft has the right to vote for the change of reign

Enough to make anyone the necessary plastic govno, that’s all.

Arkane themselves also need to be in the hall of shame.

She still seems to be experiencing a teenage period, poor thing, but adult life still awaits her

And ordered, she also give birth. poor.. not well, so yes, boys. We are all finishing the mockery and go drink beer!

Well, these are people yes. You can’t do anything. And what can you do? But nothing can be done. And in general, in spite of everything, I cleaned up the entire card in 20 hours and went through the game. I set up more or less graphon and, in principle, in solo, this is a cool adventure without serious manners in a deep plot. Just as if playing Far Cry from Arkane. The world itself with its labyrinths is made beautifully, it is really interesting to run in some places, and instead of scolding the game, I was simply content with the fact that there is. Just out of principle, because it is Arkane and visual style is recognized in some points.

P.C, if you seriously intend to bring here the next metaphor about eating de*bma, then this finally is never original, if only because I foresaw it. Once you can go through the game and even enjoy despite the fact that it is now in a terrible state.

It is precisely such people who are in the buffer to revel in the failures of others. Eat my good. Eat.

Understand that even Hellgate London fails better than this fake

I don’t need to understand anything. There is a personal opinion. Or do I have Haterkov to listen and give a shit to them in everything? Well, a frost*fox with the game, yes. But the game has good sides. Just everyone today needs impeccable hits without flaws. The rest is tasteless. Sometimes you read what people write, it seems that just a herd is mumbles in unison, if the game is praised, it means that these everyone will make sure that no one expresses opinions excellent from their position. If everything is scorched, then you must certainly fit into this movement. Some may not start games at all. Just come to shout that it was better before. One for all and all for one. Chew what give or starve and complain, what a sagging gaming industry. In any case – everyone in ** th. Especially those who make these games.

Facts on the game: the world is interesting, Arkyn’s handwriting is, they really worked on some things. The performance and intelligence of enemies is a wretched bottom – yes, the fact. Plot: if you play the game, nothing unusual, but still interesting. Found a girl with unusual blood – dried the girl became monsters. Trite, but as it is.

They stopped talking about games about games. On this site, in fact, a toxic community – no one discusses games, everyone comes in to smell each other and demonstrate their knowledge regarding the policy of gaming companies and monitor what time of the day Phil Spencer will fart and then will argue about what exactly this is his fart. This game space looks more and more on DTF. Well, since there are almost no polite adequate people here, or they just prefer to be silent and not write anything, t.To. For a long time everyone has already understood and are interested exclusively by the news itself, and not by discussion, then I will behave like mu ** to which only one position protects – my own. Good morning. "Moo".