Phil Spencer confirmed that in Call of Duty will be 100% content parity on all platforms

Xbox General for Games Fil Spencer said that Call of Duty will no longer have exclusive privileges for any platform in terms of content, since their goal is to offer 100% parity for all Call of Duty fans.

Speaking during the Xbox Podcast Show podcast, the head of Spencer discussed the recent closure of the transaction with the Activision Blizzard King, while confirming that the company does not plan to use Call of Duty to sell Xbox, promising to parity content on each platform.

“I want you to feel 100% of the community. I do not want you to have the feeling that you are missing some kind of content, some skins. Our goal is 100%parity on all platforms to the maximum possible degree for launch and content. I speak as much as possible about equality, because it is obvious that some platforms have differences in resolution and frequency of personnel based only on performance. But moreover, we have no goal somehow to try to use Call of Duty to convince you to buy the Xbox console.

I want the Call of Duty community to be supported on all platforms. We were on the other side of these skins, and even this beta version was not on Xbox in the first week. I do not think this will help the community, I do not think that this will help the game. So in the spotlight, if you are a player of PlayStation, Nintendo player, PC player or Xbox console player, I want you to be 100% part of the Call of Duty community ”.

This means that after the expiration of the current agreements, the entire Call of Duty content, from skins, modes and cards to even alpha and beta tests, will be available on each platform on which the game works. There will be no exclusives for the franchise that we have seen for a decade, and Xbox will not use it as a means of selling a console.