Today, for New World, an extension that adds mounds, a new plot and not only

New World today will receive its first expansion of Rise of the Angry Earth, which will present a new plot, maonnets, weapons, a higher maximum level (65), the best objects (700). You can perform a new fractional quest and unlock a new fractional class full of valuable equipment and objects. The latter will also receive a new rarity called artifacts.

The southeastern outskirts of Aetermanum was captured by the forces of Artemis and fierce land. Explore the overgrown buildings of this new bioluminescent landscape and fight with fierce monsters that have hidden in this lush and uninhabited area. Rise of the Furious Land also presents the Wild Break expedition, as well as the new Heart Rune: Primal Fury, which turns you into a beast.

At the same time, New World will also receive a new season and several other entertainments. Amazon also prepared Twitch Strams, including drops.

In Steam now 15t online.

2 years already dies, 3 years have gone. Here on the PG "experts" (Read fans and connoisseurs of Korean and Chinese donate raws with half -naked little girls) She was prophesied for 6 months 🙂 However, during this time, Swords of Legends Online, in line Tower of Fantasy, died and closed

This MMO did not become better from these comparisons, in two years of content the cat cried.

Korean Grindilka Gacha Doylka and New World are equally flawed) Damn that the B2P game is also Battle Pass, a shop with boosters and cosmetics, but the PELILL on the Transmogs and Mount. Even ESO did not allow itself such greed))

Transmog is available for free, tokens for it fall from mobs, in Danzha and for the PVP Tracker.
Given the number of shmot in the game and the ability to paint it, in the New World you can really make the transmog unique.
I agree about the mounds, you need to do it for free for everyone. Mounts, by the way, are physically felt cool, almost like in Red Dead Redemption 2 (tested on PTR). Mounts need to be pumped, fed and dressed, this is like another profession.

There is in this game that many holds in it – this is PVP, namely the fighting.
She is really good here. Of all the IMMO interesting non-Turget PVP I met in two games, this is the GuildWars 2 and in the New World.
PVE is also norms for non-turbet systems. In breaks from PVP, you can drive in Danges, Pharmi Gold, weapons and the same transmog. In the game 9 dungeons (today is the 10th) with 10 levels of complexity. For a variety, you can sign up for inverse in cities and postpone the waves of mobs, break the raid-beard of the worm, get chests in the charters (in the PVP mode is more interesting when you meet a raid on a raid). They will add something else with the update for sure. The economy tied to the players also delivers 🙂 Prices for objects, are appropriate, food and their presence directly depends on the activity of players and demand.

The game of stars from the sky is enough, has certain disadvantages, but not complete humno, as all sorts of Vasyans write here. A strong middle peasant, but for 2.5k hours my friends and I spent it, and during this time we never had nothing to do. More than it I played only in GW2 and WOW, but those will be older games. Teso did not go due to the lack of high-quality PVP, but quests and pumping in it are at the highest level.