AVOWED developer: The trailer came out unsuccessful, unfairly compare the game with The Outer Worlds

Obsidian developer said the AVOWED trailer shown on the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, "Open as a trailer", And what is unfair to compare the game with The Outer Worlds.

Speaking at the RPG Codex forums, Obsidian developer Briir Die said that the AVOWED trailer could not show much in his 2 minutes, which, according to him, also means that he "Open as a trailer". He added that many other developers in the studio share his opinion. True, later he edited part of his above statement.

He tried to dispel the wrong ideas about Avowed, saying that the game is large and open, and that it is unfair to compare it with the previous role -playing game Obsidian, The Outer Worlds. He added that these two games "They are not like each other".

He shared some considerations regarding the trailer shown in the recent Xbox showcase, saying that the studio that created it has a little compressed the colors and edited the image. He said that published screenshots are much better reflecting what the game looks like. Although he added that they look completely random personnel from the game, and he is not sure why they were chosen from all. According to him, the probable explanation is that a random selection of screenshots can be made in order to avoid spoilers.

He said that a lot in the game is now hiding, and that the fans will have to wait until the next trailer or some presentation to see the game in action. He assured that fans can assume that Avowed is largely Obsidian. He said that the whole game is not bright and "happy city", And not all this is so vague visually. According to him, the game has many characters, quests, conversations, various gaming mechanics, the main storyline, etc.D.

At the end of his message, Die said that the development is in full swing, and that Microsoft provided Obsidian with a free license to do what she wants, and success or failure will depend on the studio. In his subsequent message, the developer said that Avowed has not yet joined the alpha phase, and the visual will be finalized in various ways, and the lighting will also change. However, he added that the design will not change.