Insomniac has created the concept of the Venomized Sand Man for Spider-Man 2, but abandoned this idea

In the recently released game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans were waiting for several surprises. So, initially the developers planned to include another serious twist in the game, but then they were forced to refuse it.

According to the creative director of Brian Intigara, the team even developed the concept of the Venomized Sand Man. Given that this villain had little screen time, it would be a great way to make him more noticeable.

Unfortunately, the scale of the project would be too large, and the studio was not sure that she could meet the intended deadlines and save the required quality. As a result, the idea was rejected.

I’ll tell you. I did not tell anyone about this, we had the concept of the Venomized Sand Man.It was not like "You cannot do it because it is extra Y or Z". I think everything came down to the question: will we be able to do this taking into account the time that we have, and the quality we want to achieve?

It was a big problem for the studio, and creating his version with Venom would be even more difficult to create an ordinary sandbone. Nevertheless, the director does not exclude that something similar may appear in the future.

As I already mentioned, the discussion has come to the point that the concept of an venomized sandstone was created. Supercussion idea. Who knows, someday. Perhaps I will have trouble because of these words, but it does not matter. This is a very cool image. It’s really cool. We could never make it with the same quality that we wanted, and that would be. Well, it was a challenge – add to a standard sandy man a steepness.

And I thought: " Okay, let’s turn it into an venomized version?" Our team exceeded all my expectations when we started the work. Then I thought: " But let’s not do it".