We watch a trailer for a large update Alt: // Rundown 5.0 – Rebirth for horror gtfo gtfo

10 Chambers – Swedish Games Studio, consisting of industry veterans known for Payday: The Heist and Payday 2 – I presented an unexpected trailer today, telling about the largest update in the history of GTFO: ALT: // Rundown 5.0 – Rebirth. Free update adds to GTFO 13 new expeditions, bringing the total number of expeditions to 58, which you can go along with friends. Alt: // Rundown 5.0 – Rebirth is released today and is the last important addition to the cooperative shooter to recognize critics.

In the grabbing trailer for Alt: // Rundown 5.0 -rebirth from GTFO, prisoners descend into a deep dungeon, where intense shootings await them. A terrible monster appears in the dark. Undoubtedly, not the last. With the last addition to the GTFO update series after starting, the only thing that remains is unchanged is that survival is far from guaranteed.

"Until now, this year we have released three large free updates for GTFO, adding new content and unfolding the history of the underground world GTFO. In this renewal of Rundown, prisoners will be sent even deeper to the complex and will be able to find records about who they are and the story of their character", – Says Robin Bjurkell, public relations director of 10 Chambers. "Searches to find out who you are and why you are here, continue".

GTFO is a hardcore cooperative multiplayer horror -player, where good team work means the difference between life and death. In a team of four players – prisoners held against their will by a mysterious creature by name "Boss", – Survival depends on the ability of the team to communicate, coordinate actions and manage their ammunition. For "Overseer" All of them are consumable.

GTFO uses a concept called Rundowns – regular game updates that add new expeditions (maps, scripts, enemies, etc.D.). These updates are free for everyone who owns gtfo.