Enthusiast portended Wolfenstein 3D on Sega Mega Drive

There will be no secret to anyone that the games from ID Software are now trying to launch anything. From the microwave to some calculator or windows of a neighboring house. But, this only applies to the Orthodox doom, which now pays too much attention. But another game from these developers was not lucky, because players pay so much attention to it.

However, one of the enthusiasts under the nickname Gasega68k decided to correct this situation, and portrayed the good old Wolfenstein 3D for all his favorite 16-bit Sega Mega Drive, which is still known in the West as Sega Genesis. And the result was amazing. After all, Gasega68k managed not only to transfer the game, with all the giblets, but also convey its feeling. Due to this, now you can play Wolfenstein 3D on this old Sega console.

The very development of this port began even in 2011, and was carried out until 2018. And, apparently, it was in 2018 that the final version of this port was released, after which the development was stalled. Since then, there was no activity on the part of the author of this port, but the latest version of this port works and is played perfectly. Because of which it can be assumed that this port was completed.

The main menu of the game

As for the gameplay, everything is like in the original on a PC. Only management is carried out using a gamepad. At the same time, the game looks like Wolfenstein 3D, played as Wolfenstein 3D and it contains all the episodes from the original, including the familiar soundtrack and sounds. In addition, this port has a bunch of settings in which you can even configure the graphics by setting the graphic filter you need. Even the mouse support can be turned on, but for some reason this cannot be done on an emulator. Either this function has not yet been completed, or for it you need a real console with the mouse, it is incomprehensible.

Management, in this port, convenient. Well, from the point of view of the possibilities of the console itself. So, movement and turns to the sides, is carried out with the help of a cross, while button A is responsible for shooting, button B for running, which is also useful if you want to quickly turn around. Button C is responsible for interaction, and you can switch to the Y button between the weapon.

In addition, this game supports the function of preserving the gameplay, after passing each level. Because of what, if you want to continue the game from the place where you stopped, you can do this by loading your preservation and continue to play. In short, the port turned out just awesome. And if you want to test it yourself, you can download it from the author’s website, where he published all the versions on the forum, including the latter dated June 16, 2018.

Below you can look at the rest of the screenshots from this port. And if you are a fan of such old -school shooters, then this port will appeal to you. But, if you want to buy this game for the console itself, then on the Internet it is not difficult to find places where the cartridge is sold with the finished game.