A major update of Companions and Languages ​​has been released for Len’s Island

The Flow Studio proudly reports the output of the Companions and Languages ​​for Len’s Island which is now available for playing Steam – just for the holidays.

This update presents a new content that is ideal for players who want to explore the extensive world of Len’s Island even more. Players will be able to find new collection jewelry scattered across the islands, and tame their own dog, cat, wolf and tiger, each of which has its own special abilities. This update also includes the first portion of language support for some languages, such as Spanish, Thai, German and simplified Chinese. In the development process, the choice of languages ​​will expand.

Companion animals were one of the most popular functions from the very beginning of the development of Len’s Island. Thanks to the appearance of new furry friends, the game process has become even more alive.

"When we launched Kickstarter for Len’s Island, we were lucky enough to achieve our advanced goal to create pets", – Says Julian Ball, founder of Flow Studio. "Although a lot of time has passed since then, we were eager to include this function in the game. I am glad that we have found time for a thoughtful implementation of companions, and I think that our players will be delighted with the result".

Players can use the bait to tame various animals, including a cat, wolf and tiger. In addition, in the first dungeon you can find a dog that is easy to tame. These companions have their own special abilities that are of great benefit during the game. The tamed cat and dog get resources for the player, it is convenient to travel with them when the wood and collection of wood, and the wolf and the tiger help in battle, attacking the enemies of enemies. So that the new companions do not miss, a new assortment of nurseries and beds is now available in the construction menu.

In honor of this event, Len’s Island offers a 40 percent discount to buy a game for a limited time.