According to the authors, Immortals of Aveum is the scientific and fantastic mixture of the Lord of the Rings, Elder Scrolls, Cod and God of War

On Reddit, various Ascendent Studios developers took part in a recent session of questions and answers on Immortals of Aveum: the team explained what kind of inspiration sources for the game, what ideas are based on the development and how they approached the fantasy genre.

For example, Ascent Studios states that when creating Immortals of Aveum, she sought to connect the Lord of the Rings and Elder Scrolls with more modern elements inspired by science fiction. Then they talked about the gameplay, for which the team used their experience with Call of Duty (some employees of Ascent Studios worked on Activision saga). However, they also mention games such as Destiny and God of War.

“In visual terms, we drew inspiration from a variety of sources! Classical fantasy media, such as the Lord of the Rings and Elder Scrolls, had a great influence on how people expect to see the Fantasy genre, ”explains the deputy art director of Julia Lichtblau. “We wanted to preserve some of these classic elements, such as large stone forts, pastoral villages and fantastic creatures, but also wanted to turn on more modern elements to reflect the design of the characters and history. For some types of architecture, we were inspired by science fiction and even modern skyscrapers. In Lucium, one of our nodal levels, you can see the elements of Frank Lloyd Wright in models and details “.

“As for the gameplay, we drew inspiration from many years of work on Call of Duty in order to create a narrative one -user experience, combining the favorite elements of fantasy and role -playing game,” adds Jason Warke, the leading designer of the combat system. “We wanted witchcraft to be frantic and smooth, chaotic and impressive. These ideas go back to Hexen and Heretic, Destiny, God of War and, of course, Call of Duty “.

Ascent Studios adds that in order to make the battle it looked right, it took some time, and that the “magical” part of the “magic shooter” united in the 2020 combat prototype.

“It was very, very fun, and I knew that we have something special at that moment,” says the director of the game Bret Robbins.