Baldur’s Gate 3 was inspired by Hitman and immersive Arkane simulators

Leading screenwriter Larian Studios Adam Smith recently appeared in the official podcast Xbox to talk about victory in the nomination "The game of the year", And he unexpectedly called Arkane (Dishonored, Deathloop, Marvel’s Blade) and Io Interactive (Hitman, James Bond) as two studios that served as a source of inspiration for the game.

When asked that in Baldur’s Gate 3 you can find many ready -made problems of problems, Smith replied:

In our work, we often turned to studios such as Arkane with their immersive simulators. And how they are suitable for level design. How you have all these different ways".

As an analogy, he gives an example of a designer from Io Interactive:

According to him, the level is like Swiss cheese. There are all these voids in it, and you make sure that the player is guided by them and constantly appear in different places.

According to Smith, the creative solution of problems "It has always been part" these flexible role -playing games, but the technologies that have now become available to the studios made such strange moves quite possible. In particular, he remembered viral videos in which players fold the boxes to overcome difficulties.

One of Smith’s favorite examples is the so -called Owlbear Belly drop:

The players went to the lunar towers, the zone in the second act is a very, very dangerous zone, which, according to our calculations, will be very difficult to overcome if this is not accurate. If you use all your weapons, you will have many problems. But someone took a druid that turned into an owl bear, jumped from the top of [tower] and with the help of playing systems [calculating weight and impulse] simply destroyed all enemies in this area. [. ]

The developers considered the opportunity to balance this difficulty, but in the end they decided that it was more important to make sure that there were more discoveries and fun in the game.