Blizzard introduced a set of concepts for the “vessel of hatred” – the first official addition to Diablo 4

Blizzard introduced a set of concepts for "Hate vessel" (Vessel of Hatred) – the first official addition to Diablo 4, which will be released at the end of 2024.

The announcement of the first extension took place during the opening of BlizzCon 2023, and now Blizzard shares new visual materials with fans. On the images you can see:

  • Supreme evil Mephisto
  • Jungle Nahanu/Torajan
  • City Kurast and its ports
  • Travinkal
  • Low Temple

Fans of the series, no doubt, learn some places, especially Kurast and Travinkal.

Oh, forgotten Isalite

I look at the picchu and the feeling of the announcement of the new matrix flashed, the style of the same plan

Just. Let. Add:
-Raids with mechanics (like in Lost ARK), where broken vanshote-rams do not solve (simply introduce local caps to the value of damage), and which you can go to any time and as much as you like (not like Lostark once a week: D) with ladder table and normal awards.
-Let them always make a new mode accessible (a la great portals from D3), even better if this mode is available in every season from the very beginning, so that it could also swing in it.
-Let them make a PVP in the appropriate zones more motivated, now there is enough day to finish for the sake of PVP currency and an extension and you can forever forget about this content.
-If you decide to make a semblance of MMO from Diablo, so let them think in the direction of mass PVP content. That, it is difficult to implement at least Battleground 3×3, 5×5 with the same discharge of damage?

Here are the little things. Well, for them this is a maximum of a month or two of the work, and the audience will come in, well, at least the majority.

No, let’s just add locations and introduce good gameplay mechanics but temporarily.

You are not on that forum, give a link to the forum D4 or you yourself will find?)

Yes, it’s simple "thinking out loud".
that the blouses and listen to someone? Fe. these are not Lariana any

It looks good- but diablo is more about gameplay. If only what innovations in Endgeim was added, yes, a suitable transcontio in the game, otherwise my robber looks like a rustic refugee)