BloodStained sales: Ritual of the Night exceeded 2 million copies – the authors talked about new content

The total sales of the game BloodStained: Ritual of the Night as of August exceeded two million copies around the world, the publisher was announced by the publisher of 505 Games and the developer Artplay.

Currently, there are new modes in the development "Vs" And "Chaos", in which the online multiplayer will first appear.

This adding network functions led to some problems and delays that we did not expect, but we continue to move forward. We are close to completing work on new content.

The first frames of the new content were presented today in the video conversation, and more detailed information will be announced on September 14.

BloodStained: Ritual of the Night is already available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC via Steam, iOS and Android.

Do some kind of garbage instead of the 2nd part

They announced her in 2021. do both, just that these regimes have already promised, promises must be fulfilled.

I support. Moreover, it is striking that they did not abandon these additions. They promised this as a free DLS, but they obviously had to change plans. And the delays happened to them because of the virus, as they explained. Plus they apologized, and provided the video content, which really surprised. Plus, the new paid content is also interesting.

We are waiting for the renewal, the game was cool. There are even Saba in the video in English.

Damn, I thought the game has already come out entirely. I thought to take it on NG. Apparently, now, on NG in 2024.

They promised the announced content that could not finish. It is surprising that they are trying to complete it. Although they could have abandoned a long time.

Yes, it would be better if the second part was done qualitatively better. You can not endlessly finish the game.

The trick is that they promised, and for some reason they still keep the promise. For me personally, this is of course worthy of respect. Nowadays, many people judge develops for the fact that they do not release the released releases, content, etc.D. The same cyberpunk 2077, which had to have 2 global add-ons, like a witcher. But do only one. Compared to Cyberpunk, the heads of Blodstein did not abandon the promised content, but hold it, and finish it. As I said, they could abandon, but did not do it. But they also make the second part, it has long been known. Honestly from me an opinion. I’m not a developer, I don’t know how games are being developed. For games are, no matter how programs, like the same photoshop, or Adobe After Effects. Just the purpose of such programs as games, this is an entertaining character. And such programs as photoshop are work programs. Each program has its own code, its own developments, and its consequences after its completion. I personally think additions to the first game, they will not be superfluous. Especially if the price for the addition is worthy, why not buy? This is everyone’s business, even for us. They need money for the development of blodstock 2, well, I personally buy an addition, because I liked the game. You may not buy. And download through the same torrent, for your right, they will not receive the money, but you will enjoy their game with the released additions. Everyone chooses a convenient way for themselves. The same developers of Loop Hero said that they realized that because of that hype, when many foreign outbursts left UK, they said that we can download their game for free. And they really put up a free version on their website. And even laid out on torrents. But I personally decided to buy their game in Steam, because for me, their feat turned out to be the fact that they would receive my money. I also sin with torrents, we are all pirates. Only I decide which developer worthy of my money and which. I think my position is clear. The second Blodstein will not go anywhere, but I, while I wait for the addition, and buy to support the developers. But how you decide for yourself? It already depends on you. It makes no sense to judge for torrents, we are all in the same boat. But you yourself know, download from torrent, will not give money to the development. Buy a game, support them. Or you download from torrent, I liked it, I decided to buy a game to just support them. Everything is simple.