Core Keeper has received an update that adds pets, creative mode and music from Stardew Valley and Valheim

Go to the underground adventure with completely new pleasant companions in the update “PAWS & Claws ”for Core Keeper, the latest renewal of content for an adventure player game, which has been dispersed by more than a million circulation, which is available for loading today.

PAWS update & Claws, accessible as a free renewal of content for all Core Keeper players, first introduces pets to the game, allowing you to find, hatch and take care of various fluffy friends.

Go to the fields of a completely new “meadow” nourishment along with a fluent subterier, a flowering fanhar, a fluffy carbohydrate, the weapons of younger slimes and a pilot owl next to you. Feed and train your pets so that they gain experience and master new skills, and also use your unique combat abilities against animals that are waiting for you in battle.

Find agricultural animals, such as mulins, bambams and crustacean strollers, and take care of them to get useful materials, such as milk, wool and plate strollers-policemen.

Explore your creative side with the help of a new powerful creative regime, passive construction regime, which allows players to create an underground base of their dreams without the need to collect resources or repel enemy attacks.

Enjoy the sounds of a completely new reproduced music from the popular Indie game Stardew Valley and Valheim, which can be found in the form of notes in the game world. Play alone or with friends with a new shock unit and piano, which complement the existing list of fully accessible musical instruments to create their own underground group.

In addition, discover many long -awaited functions requested by the community, including the rotation of objects, improved combat mechanics, a bucket for transporting liquids and a completely new glass material with the effects of light refraction and new colorful coloring options.