Developers Stronghold: Definitive Edition have presented a shot content plan

Firefly developers have presented a shot plan for updating the Stronghold: Definitive Edition Content before its exit next week.

Stronghold: Definitive Edition is waiting for two major updates: the new economic campaign and the “lock path”, as well as new cards, small functions and corrections. These two updates will be released at the beginning of next year and will appear simultaneously from one of the two paid military campaigns of DLC, each of which will cost $ 2.99.

The second economic campaign, based on the new story developed by the creator of the series by Simon Bradbury, will include work to restore the kingdom, almost destroyed by the warring exploits of the rat, snakes, pigs and wolf. In the story of the actor of voiceing the original Stronghold Jay Simon, you will go north to restore peace and order in your homeland, devastated by the conflict of military campaigns, during the seven unique missions within the framework of a large winter renewal.

Following this spring, the update will include the second “castle path”, which will present the “best hits” of old and new historical castles that need to be besieged and protected. As in the case of the basic game, developers plan to include at least 10 historical castles.

Each of the two paid additions will be released with these updates and will be two new military campaigns, each of which offers 7 military missions. Pork Bay and Valley Volkov will show the return of two antagonists of popular series and begin directly with 14 missions included in the base game Definitive Edition. You can expect an increase in the complexity, new conditions of victory and this test for the series veterans.

Stronghold: Definitive Edition will be released on PC (Steam) November 7, 2023.

milk the game of 20 years ago – we can do it)) well, a shame.. This is what the hands should be, that came again to what was 20 years ago.

Crooked. After all, they have so many attempts to go further and all the unsuccessful

It must have not passed half a century and it dawned on them that their unique Stronghold is still a cut above all Age of Empires combined. And rushed to resell it. Lightwood of blah.

Now it would be conceptually different games to compare.

And there and there RTS and even the era approximately coincide. So it is very possible and necessary to compare. The most significant difference in the more complex and more interesting economy of Stronghold, in AOE it is unfortunately primitive.

Awesome logic. Let’s compare the Mauntin Blade with Stronghold, or Total Bar Moving. The eras coincide. Stronghold is an economic strategy, and compare it with the top and purebred representative of the RTS, the top of ignorance and stupidity.

You are normal?! Since when is Stronghold "Economic strategy"?! Stronghold officially RTS, AOE officially RTS. MB and TW NOT RTS! No need to pull the owl on the globe. In Stronghold, the economy is more thought out and all. And military operations in both games are no less than the economy! You look like youTube games, judging by the wrong judgments. I am ashamed of such.

Well, total Var is so also officially RTS. Like Dota, (what is strange for me).

Not thought out, but with a warehouse under "realism". It does not smell like any thoughtfulness here, a simple production chain (taken from economic strategies from Jubisoft, where by the way there are also real -time battles) and a random element in the form of weevils and plague. The development of the card with buildings for production chains of course is very "thought out".

The economy is no less thought out in the AOO, even without the Summer for realism. Resources limited and have to fight for them. You need to trade in the market, make caravans (upgrades for them so that "tax" reduce) to an ally/factor/seize trading roads (in the case of 3 parts) and upgrade them. Capture reliefs that give gold or points on the map as in 4 parts. Build some economic buildings bringing resources. In 3 parts, bring resources and economic improvements/buildings from the metropolis. We must make sure that you have a tree and it is enough, because the farm will not be updated without a tree and you will be left without food. In 4 parts, the economy is even deeper due to fractional bonuses and chips. By the type of building in Rus’, which gives gold for the number of trees around or the murder of wild animals gives several levels of economic bonuses and a little gold for the carcass.

"You look like youTube games, judging by the wrong judgments. I am ashamed of such."
When there is nothing to say on the case, the hanging of the labels begins? I had the same Strong Hold Rubbed literally 1.5 months ago. And by the way, I play Stronghold much longer AOE. But I do not compare different games.

PS. And about "on the head above" Funny, given online AOE 2. Moreover, both a huge online remaster, and (albeit, which was leaked after the remaster) of the original version 1999 and XD of the publication. Now I went to the university, AOE 2 is the original online at the moment is almost the same as the peak of Stronghold in Steam for all the time. Moreover, this is only online players in the lobby, and in Steam just how much a person has launched for all the time. So the market decided who is a head above. And I am 99% sure that Remaster Slong Hold will buy one and a half digger, will be inquired and forget.