Digital Foundry has re -tested problem -based PC ports – they seriously improved only Forspoken

In recent months, they have been marked by very poorly executed PC ports, such as Forspoken, Returnal, The Callisto Protocol or Dead Space remake. Digitalfoundry editors decided to see if such games will work after numerous updates to work on a PC.

Digitalfoundry will begin its analysis with one of the most unsuccessful ports of recent months. The Callisto Protocol. It turned out that thanks to updates, the game began to work noticeably better for PC. During testing, the frequency of personnel increased from 35 to 40 frames per second on the apparatus configuration of the editor when the ray trace was turned on. Without tracing rays, the game also behaves better, but on weak processors, the game is still accompanied.

Dead Space Remake is a great disappointment. The game has not received an important update on a PC (it seems that EA does not intend to further improve production) and still suffers from microfrisis on slightly weaker processors. At the same time, in some situations, the game still has problems with compilation of shaders.

Returnal, after several patches, still "suffers" From not the highest quality implementation FSR 2 and Xess, as editors show at 8:40 Video. Little has changed in terms of performance of the game on PC. The game still contains small drops of the frequency of personnel in those places that were present in the release version.

In the case of Forspoken, updates significantly improved the quality of the textures on the PC on some video cards, so the game looks much better. The speed of loading/flow of textures was also significantly improved. The developers also improved the frame rate in the game by about 30% on middle -level gaming PCs. The implementation of the XESS also looks much better.

In Digitalfoundry, it was Forspoken developers who were the highest praise in the Digitalfoundry video because they achieved the greatest progress in working on errors.

Everything is already clear here, as they say "Why repair the game if it has already paid off in full".

There is Nekst Gene Patch Witcher 3, too, to this day broken, but there at least no one took the money for this crooked collection of mods (the only + voice acting). And that, keeping the counting since the fall of last year, the only popular AAA that came out in a deplorable state, and then it was brought into a more or less playable condition is Hogwarts Legacy. But here it is possible that it would still have to be repaired for the exit for the consoles of the previous generation. So I don’t even want to take it into account.

I was one of those people who defended the position that this is a temporary trend. Postkovid, a sharp increase in budgets and control from outside, new technologies and quality standards, and also the transition to a new generation. Of course, I still consider this the main reasons for the current situation, but so far the people are very selectively refandated and pre-orders more and more often, hardly something will change for the better.

It is doubtful to justify the witcher for the fact that "They did not take money", They built a stir on this and provoked new people to buy

This is not an excuse, because I just do not understand those who justify the quality of the patch with its conditional free. It’s just that he cannot be put on a par with Fulls of the Price tripleay projects that have not yet been repaired. And practice with incomprehensible "upgrades" for games (like HD teams), old as the world, besides, the approach is always the same, to cram what fans have already done, but to realize worse. Therefore, it does not take so much from this situation, since before that has already seen enough of this.

And what is wrong with Nekstgen Patch Witcher 3? I’m ok! There are no problems. The collection of mods I think it turned out chic. But in fact, I do not deny that someone really has problems. Only now it is necessary to consider here that every year the number of various PC configurations is growing – how do you propose to develop your projects for hundreds of thousands of different PCs? In your opinion, you should buy a million PC configurations and test everything before the release? It is much easier to make a release, get bugs about mistakes from millions of players, and only then to the most common mistakes to pay attention and fix them.

The same shaders know why the PC compiles before starting the game? Yes, because each PC configuration requires its own special set of compiled shaaders. And for example, there are no compilations of shaders on the consoles in the same games, because the console iron is the same for everyone, which means that the incidents can compile everything in advance with maximum optimization and manual editing. This will not work on a PC, hence the various problems of many PC releases. The more PC configurations, the more problems there will be.

Starting from the 8th generation of consoles, can be traced in the final quality of gaming products, that the entire testing sector itself is under the knife, all talented personnel are simply washed out of the companies. In reality, instead of pretending, that you do not come to bile counter -cultural, just come to terms with that game industry and there is nothing there except advertising and capitalization. And it is not worth protecting mediocrity in this case at all, especially when they are so simply not proportional to their mediocrity, they so easily inflate their "complex" Projects of bubbles of capitalization of companies.

I also have a patch of a witcher 3 on maximums as a whole without problems, but he only does it for some reason in one stream, like all my friends. And this is not to mention the rays, which are neoptimized almost anywhere and the lack of soft darkening SSAO up to 3 months after the release.

Witcher’s problems are very capital and not so noticeable on modern machines only because of the capacity, because the game is pancake 2015. And here with the addition of mods, transfer to 12 DirectX and new settings of settings, the game began to work many times worse than with the same assembly on Vanilla.

And even despite the fact that Patch has global problems and it is not a matter of tests (because the release could be tested on any assembly and there would be problems there). But the outfits are required to cover as many configurations as possible, especially such large studios. For how it turns out that someone has good optimization on almost any gland (Rere 4, Dead Island, Atomic Heart), while others have one place through one place. And it is one thing when in the first couple of months they repair small-town problems on individual configurations, and another thing is when the game has fundamental problems on any gland, but due to formal compliance with the modern requirements of iron, it is not customary to talk about them, only the graphon there is even a graph there approximately not for modern requirements.

And the last. Then where there are such problems on the consoles, if everything is so predictable there. Why were absolutely broken on the release of Horizon Forbidden West and Forspoken? Everything rests on time, any game can be polished, and then repair local problems within a month after the release. But they either have a development or the budget ends, or they are coarsely mowed, and then it has to be repaired for so long that they simply refuse it. And lastly, the fact is that about God, how many configurations. There were many of them before, many more than consoles. And before that, the games were ported at all, and in some cases they even gathered again for different platforms.

Indeed, that I am so awesome, I ask for developing and testers to do my job for which they are paid money. Well, or I ask the controls by these cutters to control them more competently, does not change the essence.