DLSS 3.5 significantly exceeds DLSS 3.1 in Cyberpunk 2077

Dlss 3 will come out very soon.5, and Cyberpunk 2077 will be the first AAA game in which it will be used, and now we have a comparative video that demonstrates significant improvements that this technology gives due to its excellent scaling opportunities.

Yesterday Nvidia released DLSS 3.5 SDK, which also included DLL files that can be easily replaced in any game supporting DLSS. As expected, comparisons of a new scaling technology with the current version of DLSS 3 are already being carried out.1.

MXBENCHMARKPC published a video showing a comparison of DLSS 3.5 and DLSS 3.1 in Cyberpunk 2077. It also shows DLSS 3.5 FG (Frame Generation), which works just as well without turning on FG on the latest version. The new superdictization model seems to have received another push from AI, which can be seen in one of the video sections, where the fence in the cage demonstrates less artifacts using DLSS 3.5 compared to DLSS 3.1.1.

This is just one of the aspects of the game in which DLSS 3.5 exceeds DLSS 3.1, and we can expect even more improvements when the final version will be released at the beginning of the next month.

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The analogy is simple – if you improve the quality of the product, then financial costs increase. Modern game engines are very, very, very complex software, the optimization of which will take a huge number of man-hours. If the game was sold not for 60 bucks, but for 150-200 with the current number of sales, optimization would not suffer so much. Bugs would be less. But the game would have to wait longer.

I myself program microcontrollers at an amateur level (STM32 and arduin) – and even a relatively small code of 1000 lines sometimes optimize as much time as to write all these 1000 lines. While you find the problem, while you come up with a solution, while you are testing. This is a whole hemorrhoid.

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