Former Dragon Age Dreadwolf testers plan to hold a strike in front of the Bioware office

Former testers who worked on the Dragon Age: Dreadwolf game are preparing to arrange a picket at the BioWare office in Edmonton after dismissal at the beginning of this year. Electronic Arts tried to block the protest, but her attempts were unsuccessful: Alberta’s employment Council made a decision in favor of developers.

The picket planned for today, November 7, is caused by the fact that testers require restoration at work and continuing negotiations to conclude the first contract. Their dismissal was regarded as "Tactics for the fight against the trade union" From the Keywords Studios, an Autsorser company, who accused the loss of a contract with Bioware of reducing jobs.

Initially, the developers were involved in working in BioWare during the pandemic, starting with Mass Effect Legendary Edition and moving to Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The decision to create a trade union was caused by an attempt by Bioware to oblige employees to return to the office, as they sought to maintain their remote status and improve the conditions of remuneration. Unfortunately, the dismissal occurred before they managed to conclude their first contract with Keywords.

EA called the upcoming protest rally "erroneous" and expressed hope for the settlement of relations between Keywords and the trade union. They emphasized that Bioware has nothing to do with negotiations, and the Epcor Tower tower, where the picket will be held, has never been a place of work by Keywords. The publisher does not disclose the exact reasons for large -scale dismissals associated with the long -awaited Dreadwolf game.

Poor testers did not want to return from the remotes and still asked for an increase. Keywords fired them for this, now the testers will picket them by the BioWare or EA building so that they, in turn, conclude a contract with Keywords to take them back to work. This is Santa Barbara)

EA wants the players themselves to test the type so cheaper, plus almost everyone does this

Indeed, why pay testers if the Igors themselves test in the early access and they themselves will also pay. The main thing is to serve correctly, the classic is still from Tom Sawyer, for which the fence was painted, paying.

The most important thing is that they also bring the publisher for this. Soon each game will play a week earlier, but pay 100 bucks. It is a little in fashion (

And how many biovar have one, two people have them?

There are two people like two, the rest are individuals of all genders.

Testers are the most important people in it

There is no idea "the most important", All production links are equally important.
I say as a person working in it.
True, this is true if you strive to create a quality product) Looking at the publishers, you begin to doubt it

Oh, these "Former".

The labor market is still the market. If you are not in demand on it, then this is unfortunately your personal problems. I agree that the trade unions must monitor the working conditions and the oppression of the rights of employees, but if you, as a specialist, are not in demand, then there are trade unions and pickets? And in general, these moments are understood by any adult mature person. It may already come to companies that it is necessary to hire specialists of their business and not for hair color and gender views. In recent years, for some reason, the second has been more important than the first and a bunch of mediocrity were collected only in industrial "protect your rights" but not able to work

Specialists ask for a lot of money. It’s cheaper (and supposedly more profitable) to hire beginners who have no experience in defending their rights and agreeing to the minimum ZP with hopes for career growth of workers – throwing them away after working on the project.

The specialist knows his price. And this price does not suit "effective" management.

Okidons about skin color and gender differences – a temporary problem. The exploitation of people of the case of greedy owners is a constant problem.

The specialist cannot "felt for your own price" because the price dictates the labor market according to the laws "Demand Offer". If the demand for this category of specialists is significantly lower than free specialists looking for work in this category, then at least you know your price at least do not know just hire the one who will request less. But if you are a unique specialist of this level or in the labor market of specialists is much less demand for them, then you can already bend the sky -high amounts. For some reason, the good top managers, of which two times and have been expected, have a head for any amount. They don’t want to take something "Without experience for a penny", although according to your logic it is PZDC how profitable.

Secondly, if you want to build your project mainly due to "hire beginners who have no experience in defending their rights and agreeing on a minimum zp" then I will delight you – your project is waiting for a quick and swift failure. As I understand it, you can’t even imagine what it is to bring the project to at least to the working condition after work "mediocrity". It’s not rarely easier and cheaper to rewrite the project.So that these specialists "did not mow and all did not ruin" We need an experienced specialist who will monitor the quality of their robots who need to pay decent money and, whatever one may say, he will be able to check the limited number of work beginners. And if the level of their work is extremely low, even under supervision, then on the contrary they bring a loss and are much more profitable even for free not to trust such a job.

And thirdly, if I build my company and I do not need these specialists, then I must keep them and feed them? Что за бред, заботиться о безработных должно государство так как ему платят налоги, а не коммерческая компания. So let or raise their levels of their skills or picket for raising unemployment benefits.