Gamesvoice studio showed a trailer with the Russian voice acting Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Gamesvoice studio demonstrated the first voiced trailer, where you can familiarize yourself with the quality of their future localization.

As mentioned earlier, the team will try to attract actors from the first part, as well as canonical votes for the characters of the Universe of the Universe. The Cycvel expectedly turned out to be larger than the original – the volumes reach ~ 30 hours of pure speech (mainly due to the variety of opponents’ replicas), which is only a little less than Hogwarts: Legacy. Hence the necessity in the amount of 1 million 800 thousand rubles.

The team will fight for their native speech in computer games, so it will make every effort to implement this project. The players have already proved that there is nothing impossible for our community. Together we can handle it. And let the power come with us!

Probably the best playing studio for games. I always wonder how they can do so high -quality voice acting?

It’s great that we live during the English voice acting, which now have become much more than before the sanctions)

This is a big plus of sanctions for us. After all, they are English people. Until they press the wall, they will not move their finger, they will be lazy on the stove. But as soon as they pressed against the wall, they immediately harnessed the horses, stirred with their fingers, but the voice acts went to do, the text translations also became more. Sanctions in fact are very stimulated by developing, an incentive to work, an incentive to do something. It is a pity that those who impose sanctions do not understand this. In short, all this for the best!

Yes, in the manner of the Western Society of Consumers they are already accustomed to be.

So the USSR was ruined and all the progress stood up. This Svetlolyki 20 years broadcast to us about the fact that we would buy everything, nothing we need. The geostrate was crap.

This, of course, is fan fiction, no more, but good fan fiction and good game. At least the first part. In the second, these stupid swords with a light guard, so I think it will be worse, but I would like to play, and with a normal English translation.

In general, I’m waiting for a translation, I’m waiting for a torrent. 🙂

A person was waiting for the game and wants to play it on the day of the release, which is in this patient?

But I’ll miss this game, due to the fact that this is really a fan fiction from Disney, like all new Star Wars. For me personally, the last game on the original SW was in 2011 (SWTOR), and the film in 2005 (revenge of the Sith). Further, already colorful fanfictions

And in vain the norm plot, better films

Impatience – one of the human vices. This is everyone’s business, of course, but if you wait for the game only in order to be disappointed, be ready to be disappointed))

Long camping will wait for the same voice acting. I go through a mod on the English text, quite tolerant.

When you are already, wits, learn the English language and etymology of words?

clown, you generally know the meaning of the words you write?)))

It is gorgeous, however, as always Gamesvoice has excellent voice acting.

It is much more convenient to play with English voice acting, especially in some action scenes when you want to follow the screen and not be distracted by the subs, and more pleasant.

English voice acting is incomparable, not comparable, divine. Already ears rejoice. KAEF! Would have already come out as soon as possible.

I won’t even watch! Localization from this studio does not cause questions, we were lucky with them.

I thought to take a premise for a month and go through the grandfather of special and star battles, but now I think even the lazy EAs did not even give up the subtitles, it is better to just wait for hacking or accounts for 100 rubles with voice acting and then you can extinguish both that and that and that and then

100 rubles will not be. Steam removed the activation)

The voices sound good. In the fall, MB will be released in voice acting, by this time I hope they will finish the optimization with patches and the Empress will drive the hack.

Well, in principle, from the first seconds, I thought "Oh God, you can not", and then it seems that nothing, with such a voice acting, would play.

They called the actor who voiced Ian Gallager?

I am surprised that it is considered a “fan fiction” or good voice acting (fan fiction). Although, by the way, in the same walking, the text translation is almost literal, which would definitely not be in localization, because there is censorship there. And this has long been engaged in the translation of interpretation, ordinary guys. Of course, dubbing, but in fact, what a fan fiction? You would not know if you are not to say that this is not an official dubbing. The same voices, all the same. I am all to you that there is absolutely no difference. It’s not possible not of of. The translation is even better. Just how it works? Conditional RE4, caps buys voice acting (localization) from one of our. The aunt of about 40-50 years is taken conditionally for the text, and also appoints actors for the role of the English Federation. You understand what I am? Therefore, we sometimes hear a bunch of nonsense, or strange phrases, well, not only in games, even in films, in cartoons, is lost somewhere on, somewhere they are translated, somewhere they insert some kind of nonsense from themselves. And now the same thing, but not the publisher turned to the studio, but since now. For the text, if more stravted people for ENT ZV, or who understands exactly how to adapt some phrases from English so that they are most suitable, this is cool. And absolutely the same actors as in the first game will also voice this. And voices to the heroes are well suited to the trailer. I painted it all, because according to the sensations, people think that here in EA there are English Cheliks, they are translating, they are voicing. Well, what are you? They just make a request as an application of the studio, that’s all. Nothing has changed in fact

The fan fiction is called the game itself and its script, which is coming against the current Laura, and not voice acting. Owner cannot be a fan fiction, because it is, although a product of creativity, but not an integral fan work based on something.

um no fan fiction is what is not written by the author in his universe and is not officially included in the ENT

How the voice acting will be a fan fiction, the English language in the ENT, such as did not include?

Canonism is determined exclusively by the works, whatever it is and their personal owner (publisher), and not by their technical additions. You would also determine the bugfixes for fanficity.

Actually, I take why this is not a fanfic

Then OK, only I explained why commentators call the game itself "fan fiction".

Not bad. All DC actors of superhero films)) GG itself raises questions. They didn’t take such people in the Jedi. Thank you for not a Negro.

Good, cool voice acting.

Steam, chopped off, offline activation up to 2x per day))) ahaha, now there will be a purchase))) the ball is over))

And where to get the localization?

Well, that is, if you really get confused and sweat very hard, then you can voice it in 2 days

The team will fight for their native speech in computer games, so it will make every effort to implement this project.

No, rather, Spider just realized that you can dial a bunch of projects, quickly rivet the passing voices, and the audience that does not know how to enjoy the really beautiful and original voice acting will be at least wretched, but our dudes with curators will calmly buy apartments so desired in them. New Jersey. So the only thing Spider fights for and his team is for his wallet.