Genshin impact 4 patch announcement.4 – new location, banners and promo code from broadcasting

Update for Genshin Impact 4.4 will be released already at the end of this month, and during the traditional broadcast of the developers of players, they introduced all the innovations.

The first new hero was the epic pies-two-cutting pies with a slightly cutting our ear. This guy who will cope well with the role of SAPDD. The elemental skill is a jerk forward that Pyrouron applies to all enemies on the way. The explosion of the elements calls for Suannie Man Tea, while restoring part of the character’s HP and applying the status "pyro" On opponents around.

The second new character will be the legendary adherent Sian Yun. This is an anemo-catalyst, which with its abilities allows you to play your DD from attacks in a fall. Its elemental skill inflicts anemo-dron over the area and avoids damage from attacks and falling. The explosion of the elements imposes a periodic anemo-dron into the square, restores health to the allies (curls from the attack by Xian Yun) and increases the height of the jump in the area?).

The new territory, despite the fact that Fontaine is a patch region, will be a piece between Li-Yue and the Water Kingdom. Players will wait not only new settlements, but also the wonders necessary for pumping the characters added in update. New tasks will be related to this legendary place, cradle of archons. Legends and reality are intertwined in the plot of the valley. Well, Lee Yue streets will be decorated with a traditional holiday of sea lamps.

In honor of the holiday, new outfits will receive a number of characters:

Activity within the festival will not surprise experienced players with their mechanics, but the festive design should please the eye. In addition to standard awards, during the events of the version you can get one of the new forms of characters.

Traditional promotional codes from developers:

  • BB8QAZHUH2CZ – 100 stones of the source and 10 magic reinforcement ore.
  • MT88YHCZ2ur – 100 stones of the source and 5 heroes of the hero.
  • FA9QAGYDZJEV – 100 stones of the source and 50,000 mora.

You can activate promo on the official website, or in the game (settings -> Account). The validity of the codes expires on January 20 at 07:00 (according to Moscow time).