Microsoft abandoned Alan Wake 2 with a miniserial, but decided to realize this idea in Quantum Break

After 13 years of the break of the Alan Wake franchise, he returns. If the first game was an exclusive for Xbox on consoles, then the continuation will be released on PlayStation, as Microsoft sold the rights to IP back to Remedy.

In a conversation with the Eurogamer portal about the time when the rights to the game belonged to Microsoft, director Sam Lake said that he introduced the ideas of Alan Wake 2 not only Microsoft, but also to other studios, but eventually received a refusal. According to him, it was a time when many believed that single -user games were dying.

So, we created the concept of Alan Wake 2, showed it to Microsoft – as well as other publishers of that time – and, perhaps, it was a slightly strange moment, because, you know, the industry changes and changes along the way.

It was at that time that the feeling arose that linear single -user games are a thing of the past. Today, single -user games with the plot, of course, are very popular, but at that time it seemed that this was not interested.

Nevertheless, the various ideas proposed for Alan Wake 2 were ultimately used in other projects, which led to the appearance of DLC American Nightmare and Control. One of the ideas of the sequel was the use of a mini-series between the chapters of the game, and although Microsoft rejected this proposal, they liked the idea of ​​the series, which gave the life of Quantum Break.

By the way, in that presentation I had the idea that there would be mini-series in real time between game episodes, and during the presentation at Microsoft they said: "We are interested in this, but they are not very interested in continuing Alan Wake". It grew up in Quantum Break.

But in the intervals between each game we returned with a new version of what could be Alan Wake 2, and we held several discussions, and here we are.

According to Sam Lake, despite all the negative reviews that he received on this path, he is glad of this, because he feels "much more enthusiasm" From what the team makes with the current version of the game.