New poster and details of the next part of Mass Effect

At the end of the day N7, BioWare Studio also decided to please the fans of Mass Effect with a new poster of the next part. It depicts a potential protagonist with a very stylish armor for the alliance fighter. In addition, you can see on the poster:

  • The club is very similar to the “Cleaning” from Mass Effect 3. Earlier last year, developers confirmed that in the new part we will be able to visit locations from the original trilogy.
  • A lot of familiar races from the Milky Way, including Voluses, Quarians and Hanars, who were not in Andromeda.
  • Alien race Angara from the galaxy Andromeda. It can be assumed that a super -powerful retranspect will be built that allows you to travel between galaxies. It also confirms that events will unfold at least in the 29th century.
  • Synthetics in the outfit. It is possible that this is some kind of robot or ghet. The presence of the Geta themselves in the game was confirmed last year.
  • A character on a poster can be not just a person, but a semi -synthetic. This can give the game more gameplay opportunities.
  • Development Head Michael Gamble confirmed that the art director of the original trilogy also works on a new part.
  • The released teaser was made on the game engine (presumably Unreal Engine 5).

The narrative director of the new part of the Mass Effect is Mary Demarl (DEUS EX: Human Revolution, Deus Ex: Mankind Divated and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy). The development of the project continues.

Full -fledged high resolution poster

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And the future trailer will be under the rapper)

I reminded me of a raincoat, a cloak of Tane Cryos, if not for the N7 logos, I would have thought

Some have already noticed that the Persian is a little like Jensen, whom the new scriptwriter Massych actually wrote. Plus, Glushak is hung on the gun, perhaps GG will also be not just a soldier, but an agent

In style, it reminds me of something in the middle between your opinion about Teyn Cryos costume and some clothing options from Cyberpunk 2077, as if the sodes took these two options and created that their new.

Cool would be a collab.

Adam is closer to the classics and on the basis of a coat of frock coat)))

Cryos has a tailcoat at the heart of a cut, not a cloak)))

for me so on the style of jackets from CP77

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Most likely it is Liara, which was in 1 teaser

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In the first part, she calmly dressed any human armor.

Previously, N7 it was an elite division of fighters, now N7 is a brand of elite glamorous grinders.(

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Deus ex excellent game. I periodically refer it. I love the trilogy of IM, with the exception of the merged ending of the final of the third part, but still. Let the corridor, but very filled with a plot and cool memorable characters with its history. I can’t say this about Andromeda. I started me: and 4 times, went to the 5th and then with great difficulty. Huge, empty locations with a pair of cripples on the surface, trips to nowhere. The case when I think that it is better to make a corridor game or not an open world, but limited large locations, but with fullness, with points of interest and plot turns. It feels like an open world in games is some kind of placebo right, if it is, then the game will be the game automatically. The card is made open, and it is boring and empty on it. Well, with some exceptions. There are also worthy projects.
In general, I hope that the new me will rise from the ashes as a phoenix and will take all the best of De and ME.

I can say the same thing about DA: I

Also with difficulty passing. It is better to recall the orijing with dopa than this parach. As soon as the biivaries begin to bring an open world into games, everything else flies into the pipe.

I agree. Only now the Inquisition is licked, and Andromeda did not please the blocharams – here it is doused. Although the games are idyntic in their mediocrity (Andromeda is not stretched to dozens of locations, which is a plus)

Who licks the Inquisition ? How it can be respected if the game itself passes in 4 hours, its side effects 50+ 🤣

Inquisition of the game of the year in 2014 took

And that from this she is good ? The go of the magnifier was also licked, but in fact, level 4 and useless PVP, which was forgotten in a month. Inquisition, it was originally a MMORPG that did not begin to do, but the concept also did not begin to redo it and threw it offline. Because of this, we received endless events in certain locations. And a bunch of locations of optional. For they were created as a MMO part of the game, not a single RPG.

Deus Ex + Mass Effect 🙂

And what about Shepard? Rex, Miranda, Garrus, Joker, Jacqueline, Kasumi, Zaid – there are no news about these heroes at all. Well, judging by the silhouette, we will not play for Shepard

And they are unlikely to be. Events, judging by the news, take place further in time. The maximum we will see them on the pedestal, or records with their participation.

Yes, in fact from the second part Shepard is half -ascent

In the next part of the GG, there will be a woman preferably black transgender, gay, and it will be very much strong that a wave of hand destroys the galaxies, and not what men will not be needed.