Possible details of the development of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater have appeared on the Web

This year, a remake of the third part of the Metal Gear Solid Games from Konami for home -generation consoles and PC was officially announced. Since the announcement of the game, we have not received any new news about the project. However, recently an insider through Reddit shared some information about the game from his sources.

  • The game has been in development for more than 3 years, the main work on it has been completed, and those who work on it are now waiting for the release date.
  • The game is a 100% remake of the original version without any changes. No new scenes, new locations, etc. D. Do not wait, because Konami clearly asked that the remake was 100% identical to the original version of the game.
  • No new versions of the capture of the movements of the characters were requested due to the fact that the dialogs of the game are the same as in the original version, without any changes.
  • Cinematic scenes abandoned the idea of ​​the cinematic screen “with black stripes above and below”, and the game became full screen.
  • The game is in development on Unreal Engine, most likely in its fourth version.

1. It can already not be 100% identical, and if it is, then we will find a repetition of history with GTA remasters

2. Fox Engine? Or everyone who could work with him already fled?

I am sometimes sorry that such claims cannot be directed directly to the authors due to the language barrier.
I would like to hear the answer of the developers on this topic

"Possible details of development have appeared on the network. "

Any thing or is it or not. And honey – I don’t understand what is the secret – if he is, then he is not at once!

If it is impossible to move with a gusy and aim from 3 faces, then this is a fawl.

And manually switch camouflages.

The story with the remakes of Yakuza Kiwami is repeated, there, too, Katsets left with the old voice acting and identical timing in the rollers

Well, it looked normal. Honestly, xs for which everyone is so running around on the navigation that Katsen simply renked it there. They were removed excellent and now look good.

By the way, by the way, it’s also a great level and thank God that they will leave it as it is, otherwise it can turn out the next The Twin Snakes.

The voice acting will definitely be rewritten, there was already news that the team of the actors of the voice acting was again assembled for a remake

For 3 years, Pachinko developed a version and ported to the console and PC

On the one hand, it is good that they did not change anything on the other, and how they then did a RIMAK? They simply increased the permission and details of the textures by transferring the whole case to a new engine, since he already gives feces. And if it comes to Konami, I would even say lift!

So the games are 1) not on the PC, the remake itself will resurrect it and transfer it to several platforms, including the PC, which is why it will finally become more fanbaza, which, by the way, is not enough metal gear.
Only recently she shot Rising with the very last point in the game time, and then, by chance, and the fifth part speaks only as something that seems to be, but no one knows, like all other parts.
2) They did not just pull the textures and added a couple of landfills. Development is carried out on the fifth Henrila, which adds even more atmosphere to the game, because this is almost a video from real life, so much the graphics surpasses all previous games.
Do not pretend that you don’t see how much the graphics of the old, still playable, parts, from the same games of the 14th year (this, for a minute, 9 years) lags.
3) The gameplay itself was different, now it was copied from the last game in which Kojima worked and, thanks to the great attention of the game, many details will be finalized, the other parts of the metal of the metal is a plus and ported to the PC, this is very lacked, the series is so. was exclusive, also as if only for the chosen magnates.
I could not make the development of these games in the market, and after meeting with all the possible creativity of Kojima, which is on the PC, I was very happy about such a news.

And what I wanted to say, besides the fact that you, like many CIS, players did not play at one time.

And you try to delve into when you sit in the comments, this is how communication improves.

Well, that is, you yourself do not know.

You asked a question and got an answer, what is the milk to my thought?
You don’t know why they make remakes?

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