PVE mode in Overwatch 2 is already almost abandoned by players

Two months after the appearance of the PVE mode in Overwatch 2, the number of players decreased significantly. It seems that the lobby of this regime is currently empty, only a few players are left in them.

At the beginning of 2023, changes in PVE left many players disappointed. Initially, Blizzard promised a strong story campaign. However, due to failures in development, they had to reconsider their plan, which caused disappointment in the game community.

The current state of the PVE-mode of the game is a sad picture. Waiting time in it is very large, sometimes it reaches 5 minutes. The addition of AI teams to fill the lobby also made the game less exciting than originally supposed.

Many players are faced with the strange behavior of AI-Rostniki: they go beyond the map or use their special skills in a completely random way. This not only slows progress, but also worsens the general gameplay.

To overcome these problems in PVE mines, players come to the need to unite in pre-created groups, especially the difficulties "Legendary". Such a transition to group work differs from the fact that many players would like to see in PVE alone.

Overwatch 2 community is also displeased with the absence of the re -value of these missions. The presence of only three options for a choice leaves the players the desire to get more diverse experience. It seems to be "blind spot" In the current plot missions of the game.

In addition, many players believe that the Blizzard PVE content does not reach fan cards, which are no less good and available for free.

Price of $ 15. For three missions is also one of the main problems, which may lead to a decrease in the number of players. The condition of PVE made many think that Blizzard was going to undertake to solve this problem. There are talk about the return of the original three missions in the new package, so that players who did not have time to enjoy this content can try them with real comrades.

In any case, given the current state of the game, the developers should listen to the reviews of the players and take steps to revive the PVE mode. Blizzard should focus on eliminating the main problems and making improvements focused on players.