Roblox playing platform is accused of providing access to gambling for minors

According to the collective claim of parents, the popular Roblox game platform acts as an illegal playing network hunting for children. This is written by Bloomberg. Several parents filed a complaint against Roblox Corp. In the District Court of the United States of the Northern District of California, after the children lost money in the form of the internal currency of the platform on third -party gambling sites.

They argue that Roblox, placing a 3D-metavoyeas, in which users interact, violates the US law on organizations acting under the influence of racketeering and corruption (RICO Law) and illegally profitable from gambling of minors.

Children who previously did not have access to the means to participate in online gambling, now have billions of Robux – the plaintiffs say.

This new urge appeared at a time when Roblox is already faced with sharp criticism for undermining efforts to make the Internet safer for minors. In May 2023. The Control Control Group found that the California company violated the standards of responsible marketing for children, erasing the border between contents and advertising. Roblox also became an object of complaint to the Federal Trade Commission submitted last year by the observation group Truth in Advertising.

The central in the new lawsuit is the use of Roblox and the supervision of Robux, the digital currency of the platform having the actual cash value – one Robux costs $ 0.0125. According to the complaint, users under the age of 18 can use the credit cards of their parents to buy Robux on the platform, and Roblox knows about each translation in a virtual ecosystem.

The conditions of service of the company claim to be prohibiting “Experience, including imitation of gambling, including a game with virtual chips, imitation of bets or exchange of real money, Robux or valuable items”, but, according to the plaintiffs, these recommendations are “misleading”, given that The company allowed third-party gambling sites to take online tops using its currency.

These are third -party sites that have no legal attitude to Roblox, ”the Roblox statement for Bloomberg Law said. – “Attackers illegally use intellectual property and Roblox brands to work such sites, violating our standards.

But, at the same time, the complaint describes the process by which minors can use the Roblox platform for gambling. After the acquisition of Robux through the platform, they can go to the “virtual casino” of one of the gaming websites outside the Roblox ecosystem and tie their Robux wallet with the webcare of gambling, that is, Roblox can still track electronic transfers. Although Roblox could stop this "illegal network of gambling", The plaintiffs claim that the company "enriched" Using this scheme.

They say that Roblox charges a commission of 30% for Robux converting to websites back into dollars, earning “millions annually” on this. The complaint also states that gambling sites encourage minors to advertise their illegal gambling platform as Bloxflip, offered free Robux to users who advertised it in Tiktok.