Sea species of animals will appear in the simulator of the LET’s Build A Zoo Zoo next week

No More Robots (Descenders, Hypnospace Outlaw) and Springloaded (Let’s Build a Zoo) officially announced the release of the latest add -on Build a Zoo, Aquarium Odyssey. The release of the latest extension was appointed on August 17, 2023. When Aquarium Odyssey will come out, players will be able to create a completely new zoo with an emphasis on water creatures, build seven new habitats and present more than 50 new creatures, all of which can be hybridized.

For those who are not familiar, Let’s Build a Zoo allows you to manage your own zoo, filled with creatures of all kinds. You will need to take care of your creatures, monitoring the food and providing objects for the game, as well as increasing the number of visitors and the profit of your park, as well as making various moral or immoral decisions along this path.

As you increase the status of your zoo, you ultimately earn research glasses that can be used to open new aviary, objects, shops and development, including the DNA spectacular. Using a unique “hybrid” mechanics of the game, you can connect animals together to create wild options, such as a snake-coal or crocodile-ear.

With the addition of completely new marine creatures and a number of aviaries, objects and jewelry for creating a new zoo, Aquarium Odyssey will also present the opportunity to create hybrid sea creatures, which should be an explosion.

Pre-preliminary viewing of the upcoming DLC, which is large enough to be considered a full-fledged continuation, given that it represents a completely new zoo style and research goals, showed a view of some creatures that can be expected in expansion, such as lobsters, clown fish, squid, squid Karakatitsa, eel, solar fish, sea star, hedgehog and much more.

According to Springloaded, there will also be many new stores in this expansion, including sellers of pasta with squid ink, as well as many new decorations and other objects that will revive your new aquarium zoop. As in the previous DLC Dinosaur Island, Aquarium Odyssey will also present a new story campaign, quests, choice options and new intra -game events.