Starfield community patch contains information about more than 240 errors and problems

The Starfield Space Role has become the largest release of Bethesda for the entire existence of its existence. The tremendous choice of planets makes Starfield one of the largest projects in the history of role -playing games, and with the help of the latest and best Starfield mods you can make your game even better. However, despite the fact that Starfield is mostly stable enough, and the new Starfied update is designed to increase performance even more, almost 250 potential problems were discovered in the Starfield community patch.

At the time of launch in the patch of the Starfield community, more than 100 problems have been identified, and now this number continues to grow. In some cases, the problems are relatively insignificant – one of the messages says that after the entrance and exit from the stealth mode, Andrei’s head, if he is your companion, temporarily becomes invisible. In other cases, the Starfield community reports that the game freezes in some places, and some enemies can shoot through the doors.

But there are more serious problems. So, one of the players reports that if you steal a pirate ship, register it, and then change the ship to your former, you may arise a mistake that leads to a sudden disappearance of the NPC that are important for the plot. Numerous messages about ghost ships are even more terrible-it seems that there is a mistake due to which NPC no longer appear on AI ships, so when you climb on board, there is nobody there, and when they land, no one comes out.

Bethesda continues to correct Starfield: in a recent update there was a FOV slider, a special button "There is", so that you do not have to climb into the inventory every time, as well as a number of performance corrections. In combination with the patch that will be released by the community, Starfield will probably become the least buggy and most stable game Bethesda today.