Super Mario Bros. Wonder became the fastestly sold about Mario game: 4.3 million copies were sold in 2 weeks

Nintendo announced that in the first week of sales of the latest game from the Super Mario Bros series. Super Mario Bros. Wonder sold more than 4.3 million. copies that make her the best -selling game in the series.

Nintendo on this subject can be found below:

Super Mario Bros game. Wonder, released in the world on October 20, has reached the total sales of 4.3 million in the first two weeks of sales. copies. This makes her the most rapidly sold* game associated with Super Mario. In addition, games associated with Super Mario are usually sold stably for a long period of time. We expect this game will be an attractive choice for consumers in the upcoming festive season and will continue to be sold next year. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the first new game in the Super Mario Games with a lateral movement over the past 11 years. This game offers new amazing opportunities for playing in two -dimensional Mario, and we believe that it is, as well as the universal excitement caused by the film "Brothers Super Mario in Cinema", led to a large sales volume.

In the game Super Mario Bros. Wonder Prince Florian invited Mario and his friends to the Flower Kingdom. However, when a boxer attacks and encounters a flower of miracles, it merges with the prince’s castle. Of course, the heroes go in search of to stop the Bowzer’s ambitions.

The game consists of six worlds located around the petal islands, in which a total of 7 areas can be explored. There will be several types of environment at all levels: caves, deserts and meadows.

At the stages, players will be able to get new bonuses, badges and "Miracle flower", which significantly changes the design of the environment. Along with indirect interaction with players over the network in the game, there will also be a local game for four players.