Support for modifications, a variety of animal behavior and other new details about the remake of “Gothic”

The developers of the remake "Gothic" They want to add modes of mods, but it will not be easy to do. Dualshockers Portal published an article about the presentation of the remake "Gothic". We will not learn a lot of new information from it, but there are some interesting points.

The first item is concerned with mod support. Reinhard Pollice – director and executive producer Gothic Remake – assured that Alkimia Interactive studio would like to provide it as "Well knows the modding community".

However, developers cannot promise this. After all, moding of the game created on the Unreal Engine 5 engine will be a rather difficult task. Why?

Because Epic Games has restrictions related to compliance with modding rules, which is especially important when it comes to editing and creating levels.

An additional reason why Pollis decided that it was worth ensuring modes of mods is the fact that he himself tried to create a modification for the first Gothic two decades ago:

The mod turned out more than Skyrim, which made us think: "Damn, it is so big, and now we need to fill it with content". “Something like a closed beta was created, people checked whether everything could go through; As a result, we created about eleven main locations that were good enough from the point of view of gameplay, but when we realized how much work and people would be required [to complete the work], we surrendered.

As for the game as such, realism should give it how animals move. Pollis spoke about this with the example of the Scarabes, who should migrate in search of water and food:

Sometimes they move over fairly long distances, which creates interesting situations, since there may be other creatures that [Abalons] do not like, and then they will begin to fight with them.

It is also worth noting that in the English version we will hear completely new actors. This is important, since earlier the developers assured that, if possible, they would attract to work on the German dubbing artists who voiced the original. What approach will be used for the English version is still unknown.

However, the English version may be interesting. Responding to accusations of an excess of the dialect of East London, known as Kokni, in the last trailer, Pollis said that different accents will sound in the English version. They are designed to reflect the nature of various camps.

There are several other details:

  • When playing with the gamepad, we will choose the direction of the impacts by moving the analog stick in the right direction (in the case of control of the keyboard and the mouse should be similar.
  • If at the height of the fight it splates you with enemy blood, the nameless can wash it off by stepping into the river (if the blood does not disappear earlier, I think);
  • Animation of the character’s movements should be adjusted to the surrounding environment – so, the movements of the nameless can differ when lifting to the hill and when descending from it, etc.d;

It sounds interesting, if at least 70% of the promised will be in the game, then it will be as chic as its predecessors at one time.I have been bored with immersion games for a long time, in recent years I can only remember Enderal and Chronicle Archolos, but these are still modifications.I wish everyone who works on the game, good luck, I hope it will be a worthy prodkuk.

I wonder what is with magic?Have never even stuttered about her.Waving a sword is certainly cool, there are those who prefer magical arts

I am very pleasing how they focus on small things and the behavior of the blanks. For such moments, many fell in love with it

In fact, we will see, otherwise now many love to hang noodles.)

what scarabs, what abalones? Belena was around?

They also make some migration in search..

How I understand them. Test every quest, every Loku, change options. Here or to hire a team – what is invoice. Or take a break so that the game has time to forget. Otherwise – green melancholy.

What are the games on Henrila supporting modding?

There are no such and it does not seem to be. It is written that there are rules that limit it. In other words, the owners of the engine told the players: "hate what is and don’t stink".

Request to Google – "Games on Unreal Engine modifications"

The first position on issuance – "List of games on the Unreal Engine engine – Wikipedia" https: // ru.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/List_igr_na_nifier_unreal_engine

How reliable and relevant to today I do not presume to judge, the TC spent about 15 minutes on viewing the list. There was no look for research on the topic of thought, so. According to these data, you can already see that about 342 games came out on UE and 45 more are in development with one in early access.

Chronology by versions and quantity:

UE1 from April 30, 1998 to June 13, 2011 – 25 Games

UE2 from July 7, 2002 to April 23, 2019 – 79 games

UE3 from November 7, 2006 to 23 April 2019 – 128 Games

UE4 April 29, 2014 to May 13, 2020 – 106 Games, 32 in development, 1 in early access

UE5 from December 6, 2021 to June 15, 2023 – 4 games, 13 in development

To understand which of them support modifications used the most famous sites https: // and https: // www.Racedepartment.Com

I walked on the list and found several of those that, at the same time, having models in the public domain, from which it can be concluded that this is an objective reality, and those who say here that there are no games of supporting modding, they are simply mistaken. Below the name with random examples:

1. Assetto Corsa Competizione, 3 thousand mods, did not see statistics on jumps, mod "Mod Rain REWORKED 1.0 1.1" https: // www.Racedepartment.COM/Downloads/Mod-Rain-REWORKED-1-0.62417/

2. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, 1.9 thousand modes and 1.1 million races, mod "AC7 Enhanced Gunplay Mod – Gauntlet Edition (SP) A4.1" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/ACECOMBAT7SKiesUNKNOWN/MODS/1480

3. Hogwarts Legacy, 1.2 thousand mods and 8.2 million races, mod "Paler and Darker Skins for Player Character" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/HOGWARTSLEGACY/Mods/15

4. Final Fantasy VII Remake, 1.2 thousand modes and 5.3 million races, mod "Dynamic Resolution Disabler" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/Finalfantasy7remake/Mods/22

5. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, 600 mods and 4 million races, mod "The Mandalorian" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/StarwareSjectIfallenorder/Mods/257

6. Borderlands 3, 245 mods and 983.4 thousand races, mod "Unreal 4 Upsampling – FPS Boost" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/borderlands3/mods/362

7. Atomic Heart has 97 mods and 221.3 thousand races, mod "Larger Subtitles" https: //

8. Tekken 7, 72 mods and 86.7 thousand races, mod "Party Dress" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/Tekken7/Mods/79

9. Dead Island 2 has 29 mods and 29.4 thousand races, mod "DLSS 2 MOD" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/Deadisland2/Mods/19

10. Little Nightmares II has 11 mods and 9.2 thousand races, mod "Berserk Guts Mod" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/Littlenightmares2/Mods/11

I am sure that if you set the goal of checking all the positions on the list, you can find even more, but this is already enough to understand that the games made on UE are quite accessible for modifications. Moreover, on UE, some even carry games made on other engines, such as XRAY that Red Panda (ISOBOLEVSKIY) recently showed a stalker on UE5.

For the test, he himself launched the build, published in the TG anti -hut, so that from his own experience he was convinced of the reality of the project and, based on this, I see no reason that not a single fashion came to the Gothic, of course, only if quite talented and interested enthusiasts among the community.

At least I will try to change the config for myself again, as it was with the demo. I can turn off the frantic blur or chromatic aberration, the fog will correct, the shadows, the range of drawing, etc., if I notice the default restrictions or spoiling the picture, which often meet and look clumsy in most games. Fortunately, all these lines in INI on UE work approximately the same for everyone, this is not expected with this.