The authors of Cyberpunk 2077 discussed the main features of a large update 2.0

Although from the moment Cyberpunk 2077, three years will soon pass, unpleasant memories of the failure debut of the Polish project are still alive in our memory. Fortunately, the developers from CD Projekt Red, having reacted to a bad reception of the game, began a long and difficult path to improve its quality.

The result was a number of corrections that eventually began to go out for the game. The last of them, and, of course, the most significant, came out for Cyberpunk 2077 only today. In honor of the release of such a large update, the developers conducted a special broadcast, where they discussed the main features and details.

Update 2.0 – namely, this is its content – contains many corrections and improvements, which are expected to positively affect the pleasure of traveling around the city. Here they are:

  • Revised trees of perks and skills;
  • Modified implants and a new value limit system;
  • Redesigned battle and a persecution system;
  • Improved artificial intelligence of opponents;
  • New police system;
  • Improved interface and "User experience";
  • Changes in rewards, objects and crafting;
  • Previously inaccessible radio stations have been added – including Growl FM, consisting exclusively of songs written by the community.

The full list of changes can be found here here.

It is worth noting that the patch does not apply to the previous generation consoles, so only the owners of the game in versions for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S can download it. The weight of the update (depending on the hardware) varies between 30-50 GB. Thus, this is a very voluminous patch.

After installing the patch, the Cyberpunk 2077 will load the processor maximally, so before starting the game it is necessary to test the cooling system.

And although this is not a mandatory action, the developers advise after installing the update 2.0 Get rid of old conservations and start the passage of Night City from a clean sheet. This will ensure the normal work of the game and will enjoy the above new opportunities