The authors of War Thunder launched a survey for players – the results will become the basis for changes in the in -game economy

Negative reviews for the free War Thunder are simply running in, because the game audience reacts to revised changes in the game economy, which became even more difficult to play the game without paying real money. Although the future of War Thunder remains unknown, it is clear that the community did not expect what was faced with

"Gaijin continues to add nations and vehicles, while increasing the cost of repairs and reducing RP/SL increase. The premium account is not enough for comfortable progress, now you will also have to buy premium broadcasts in each nation", – writes Apollo1641 in a review in Steam.

In response to general reviews of Gaijin players, they said: "We carefully follow the reviews and see that although some players generally agree with us, we also see that there are players who believe that these changes will not help them. For this reason, we decided not to introduce economic changes".

After such a reaction of players to economic changes in War Thunder, Gaijin decided to cancel the planned changes as "first step" To solve the general problem of players about the intra -game economy and how it over the years more and more stimulates the use of real money. In fact, the players were offered a survey that can be filled up until May 25, 2023.

On paper, this may seem like the victory of the players. Gaijin states that this summer in the update to War Thunder a serious economic modernization will be carried out, in which the aforementioned survey will be used as the basis for changes.

Gaijin Creative Director Kirill Yudintsev also wrote an article on how the economy of Free-to-Play Games, such as War Thunder. The article, in fact, understands the principle of work free-to-Play games and is commented by Revubombing.

"Revumbing is harmful to the game because the new players simply do not want to try it, while it does not increase their awareness about the problems that you noticed", – Says Gaijin. "If your goal is not to harm the game, please use other, less destructive methods".

Nevertheless, it seems that a wide reaction of the community – comments on forums, Reddit and even Steam reviews – forced Gaijin to change the principle of work of the War Thunder economy, and even more changes are already on the way.