The creator of God of War called Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 template and devoid of innovation

Marvel’s Spider -Man 2 – the largest PlayStation exclusive in 2023. Insomniac Games recently announced that the game went to gold, preparing for a potentially large release for PS5 today.

The latest gameplay videos and details have received many positive reviews, and, apparently, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be another interesting addition to the library of the superhero games of the InSomniac Games. However, one of the veteran developers believes that the game is disappointing.

According to David Jaffe, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is easy and looks too stereo for a large-scale AAA game 2023.

David Jaffa in the past was an important member of the PlayStation team. He is the creator of the God of War and Twisted Metal franchise, which emphasizes his experience in the game industry. Thanks to this experience, he has a clear idea of ​​the industry and its trends.

From his point of view, Marvel’s Spider -Man 2 is a good game and will be well accepted. The game is characterized by beautiful visual and cinematographic design, but does not go beyond. He declared:

The trailer shows that Sony is stuck in the scheme in which there was a long time. This formula becomes callous

David Jaffa compared the release with such recent hits as Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Baldur’s Gate 3 and Starfield.

Such games, according to the creator of God of War, are very innovative and explore new ways of interacting with the environment. On the other hand, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 uses a safer approach.

He claims that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 does not leave much to be desired in terms of visual presentation, but his gameplay mechanics are devoid of innovation, and such episodes as the reptile boss are nothing more than a section of evasion and acrobatics at the very basic level.

Yaffa claims that a similar problem exists in the entire line of games from the internal studios PlayStation: the game giant focused on a well -set movie, and not on new and interesting gaming mechanics.

Despite the fact that he likes such games, he says:

For this reason, David Jaffa also believes that he will not finish the game, since the delight of the first hours of playing Spider-Man 2 will eventually run out and the game will not be fascinating in the long run.

Jaffa believes that such high -class developers as Corey Barlog have already noticed this PlayStation template approach, and their next games will mark the mass departure from this game style.

Jaffa is already infuriated. Like Romero, he was boasting that he participated in the development of the first game of the famous series, but after that he did nothing. The first spider was innovative and not template? Hello, before the game of Inssniac came out games 10, which were set by the common canons of the mechanic about the spider, the insulus made a honed and high -quality game. And here is the same neat sequel. The god of war 6 games parasitized on the same and all 6 games were awesome. Jaffa’s time to close the mouth.

He advises punish developing and Sonya itself for secondaryness. Pass by not buy this product.

And I advise him to sit silently and not criticize others when the mediocrity himself. Why should I ignore the spider?? Conors, Craven and Venom, while for me the game is many times more interesting than the first part.

Because you are a youngster

This heap is trying to sell the ass at the Innovative Starfield 2 or Zelda 2 or other impotently Injushatinskaya hut .

Drink grandfather, and make a breakdown in your groin in tanks

Rockstedi also decided not to go lightly, to do Batman 4 times in a row. And where are they now?Sad.

Rockstedi remained, only sensible people fled from there

Rocksti made only three Batman games, and each new part of them was larger than the previous one, in the new location and with new mechanics. Spider that the first, that Morales and judging by the trailer, the second part does not differ from each other.

You all wrote about other studios, but as it turned out, those who worked on the masses of 1, Dragon Age, Warcraft 2-3 and TP still work in these Lolkek studios (well, or current in the last two years have decided "run away" And then a couple of people) and here the same, the same people will make the new feces from Rockstedi
Redfail was also made by the same people who did the first dizonord

Yes! There were only people over IU 1-2)) Then they sold the EA studio and some of the important people began to dump! And others sat idle for years and then left! Well, where is the biovar studio? Because she died on ME2! It was then that the whole backbone began to leave

Do not bear nonsense, Redfall made another studio, in general.

The one who 1) did not release games since the failure of Drawn to Death (2017) 2) Tryndel about Remaster Bladborn 3) praised the scamfield. In my opinion, it is obvious to whom he is trying to join right now.

Well, in general, fair comments, only MSM2 will still play everything, for an interesting plot + fan base of the spider is much larger than Kratos.

At least it is the atmosphere and the plot of the game, the first in the atmosphere was better than the dilogy with Garfield, the trilogy and Khokhloland

At the same time, he praised Starfield)

Who would say of course, but in the case of the public it is clear what they worked on, and insignificant changes in comparison with the first part can be forgiven. But the spider with the current formula has existed since 2004. Having played all the spider games starting from the second spider on the consoles, I do not see progress at all except a strongly grown budget in the case of a game from Inssniac. The flights are beautiful and smooth, the facial animations are detailed, the actors are trying, and the shocks have weight. And all this is technical splendor against the background of what:

The fighting is the jamming borrowed from Batman back in 2012 in the first amising (although earlier, in the conditional Web of Shadows and the third spider, there was a battery system, slightly bulky, but fan).

Beautiful flights work to squeeze one button, which takes a bunch of additional pleasure from clever maneuvering between buildings. And if, having counted the trajectory, the player could fly into the building and lose, time, health and speed, the effect of independent avoidance of these would be akin to racing in road traffic when you enjoy maneuvering at speed. Yes, and to give a couple of additional feints to the player’s management would also be cool (for example, starting himself from a place, like from a horn) and gave additional pleasure when improving the use and combination of them.

The plot of the first part is tracing paper from the first two films of Sam Reimi, where the two main antagonists have very similar plot lines with the Dock and Goblin from the films, only at the end it turns out that both antagonists of the goblin. So the negative in this pair obviously loses, and Octavius ​​appears very late. And the epic appearance of the five as a result is merged due to the fact that it simply did not fit normally in the game. The story of Aunt May is really good and the plot of Mary Jane and Miles is not so bad, but stealth gameplay for them uh, well, he is, but it would be better not to. And with all this, the plot manages to be both overloaded and unanimous, but partly thanks to such a load, the player feels on his own skin, how is the zae. Tired of Peter Parker.

Well, for trifles: all activity in the open world from the defective and interesting, in the first, roll into a tooth -free routine, to which there would be no complaints if the pumping did not require its implementation. The gadgets are controversial, but as for me they are extremely weak, because they mainly are spider -in spitting of different power, which do not add variability much, but only facilitate individual moments of gameplay (especially stealth). I don’t want to say anything bad about the stealth, because it’s hard to even imagine how it can be diversified in games about the spider, but from the lack of solidity of this dilemma, it becomes more interesting, and it becomes more interesting.

And in the end, a good game that does almost everything is the same as all the games about the spider before her, but technically at times better. But my biggest problem, she does everything "the same". From the game with such a budget and a new creative look, I have been waiting for changes that have not been completely since 2012 and cardinal since 2004. I may not like the new GOW franchise development vector, but this is something new (although not without the influence of the success of Last of US, which greatly influenced all future games that have been held under the protection of Sony). This was not an experiment for the sake of an experiment and not an attempt to follow a simple path, but a logical move justified by the plot. InSNAIK decided to follow a simple path and make a product in many ways a sterile one, based on things that have already proven themselves in a franchise about spider. The more egregious populism in the franchise about the bunch is only the third film with Tom Holland, where instead of the plot people were given just a barrel of fan service. And such an approach, no matter how the product is technically perfect, I personally do not approve.