The Dave The Diver gamedector said new side missions and varieties of fish will appear in future updates

In a recent interview, Dave The Diver Gwang Gwang, the Dive Hwang, said that new side missions and night varieties of fish for excellent night dives will be added in future updates.

The game of Dave The Diver, who came out in June, rose from the depths and became one of the main hits of this year. At Metacritic, the game received an impressive rating of 90 points, and in Steam – "Extremely positive" reviews. Fans and critics enthusiastically respond to the unique combination of role -playing game and the Dave The Diver control simulator.

Now that the game Dave The Diver has acquired a huge base of fans due to its sudden success, fans are looking forward to what will happen next to Dave and his team. Journalists met with Jaeho Hwang to ask him this question. The first thing he wanted to clarify Hang, is that at present the goal of the team is to increase the stability of the game and continue the release of error corrections and improvement in the quality of life.

"Our initial update plan is to add more content to the later part of the game", – Hwan said, answering the question about future content updates. "We get reviews that players want more side missions even in the late game, so we will add a few more to preserve the previous atmosphere".

But Hang wants to implement not only new side missions. "We know that players want to see nightfish that come to the surface only at night, so we will add more new varieties of fish for night dives", – Hanged told. As for potential DLCs with larger content, here the hang was laconic. "We have plans for the release of DLC with a large volume of content, but at present we are focused on making the current version more complete".

At the beginning of this week, Mint Rocket continued a series of updates, releasing two fresh patches. Both updates contain corrections of errors and improve the quality of life, the most noticeable of which is the emergence of automatic quick events. Now, to catch fish, players can turn on automatic QTE events in the game settings and automate this process.