The low -polygonal school management simulator Let’s School will be released July 27

The low -polygonal game Let’s School, dedicated to the school management, will be released on a PC via Steam on July 27, the publisher of PM Studios and developer Pathea Games announced. The new Demo version of Let’s School Homeroom will be presented today as part of Steam Next Fest, and the saved data can be transferred to the full version of the game when it enters the market.

A small group of developers from Pathea Games, responsible for My Time At Portia and the upcoming sequel My Time At Sandrock, releases Let’s School; boldly setting off for creating a completely new experience for fans. Players have to take on the role of the school principal, who returns to his alma mater after long years of study. Their goal is to transform the dilapidated school building on their own, drowning in high grass, returning it to its former glory, with classes full of students, living and prosperous.

In the role of school principal, players can make their school territory, repaired the campus by opening clubs and creating a life in the campus of their dreams to replace the school experience that some of us would like to forget. According to developers, Let’s School provides many settings options. Maybe you want the school uniform to be similar to the form of the heroes of your beloved anime, or for students to participate in certain extra -curricular events! All this is possible in Let’s School.

Of course, as in the game with the simulator of management, the director can freely determine the direction of development of the school – whether the school will become a strict elite academy or a more carefree and comprehensive school, it all depends on you. If you intend to support a good educational atmosphere, you can organize various courses and use special measures to regulate the behavior of students. For example, if students openly skip classes, you can send teachers to catch them in a neighboring city when they will skip lessons!