Vampire Survivors received update 1.5.0

The Vampire Survivors Patch 1 update was released.5.0, in which there are many new opportunities and content. First of all, this is a level "Astral staircase" with flying paintings and a rotating wheel in the style of a game show generating random events. In addition, the patch adds a golden finger to the game, three new relics, a new game mode, new achievements, a new character transformation and much more.

Level "Astral staircase", which opens upon reaching the 80th level in the library with inversion inlay, at first disorients due to the seeming endless loops. However, it soon becomes clear that this is actually one extensive card with a deceptively simple location. This new area allows players to move around various rooms using teleports. Level "Astral staircase" It differs in that enemies change color in accordance with the rhythm of music, becoming vulnerable only for weapons of their color. Unique enemies-bosses, known as cosmic eggs, add difficulties in level, using the ability "Endless corridor", With each use of which the player’s health can halve twice.

In addition, patch 1.5.0 includes the new Goldfinger item, which initiates a short special event. During this period, the character becomes invincible and more powerful for a certain time, and the counter tracks the number of defeated enemies. At the end of the period of invincibility, players receive a reward in the form of glasses and prize. The levels of these prizes vary from bronze to cosmic, each of which has certain threshold values ​​and awards. After the detection of trisecision, most of the stages there is a slight probability of goldfinger.

Six new achievements are also added in this patce, two of which are associated with DLC, as well as a new test stage. In addition, patch contains three new relics that open additional modes of the game, character transformations and map.