Super Mario Bros. Wonder became the fastestly sold about Mario game: 4.3 million copies were sold in 2 weeks

Nintendo announced that in the first week of sales of the latest game from the Super Mario Bros series. Super Mario Bros. Wonder sold more than 4.3 million. copies that make her the best -selling game in the series.

Nintendo on this subject can be found below:

Super Mario Bros game. Wonder, released in the world on October 20, has reached the total sales of 4.3 million in the first two weeks of sales. copies. This makes her the most rapidly sold* game associated with Super Mario. In addition, games associated with Super Mario are usually sold stably for a long period of time. We expect this game will be an attractive choice for consumers in the upcoming festive season and will continue to be sold next year. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the first new game in the Super Mario Games with a lateral movement over the past 11 years. This game offers new amazing opportunities for playing in two -dimensional Mario, and we believe that it is, as well as the universal excitement caused by the film "Brothers Super Mario in Cinema", led to a large sales volume.

In the game Super Mario Bros. Wonder Prince Florian invited Mario and his friends to the Flower Kingdom. However, when a boxer attacks and encounters a flower of miracles, it merges with the prince’s castle. Of course, the heroes go in search of to stop the Bowzer’s ambitions.

The game consists of six worlds located around the petal islands, in which a total of 7 areas can be explored. There will be several types of environment at all levels: caves, deserts and meadows.

At the stages, players will be able to get new bonuses, badges and "Miracle flower", which significantly changes the design of the environment. Along with indirect interaction with players over the network in the game, there will also be a local game for four players.

Genshin impact 4 patch announcement.4 – new location, banners and promo code from broadcasting

Update for Genshin Impact 4.4 will be released already at the end of this month, and during the traditional broadcast of the developers of players, they introduced all the innovations.

The first new hero was the epic pies-two-cutting pies with a slightly cutting our ear. This guy who will cope well with the role of SAPDD. The elemental skill is a jerk forward that Pyrouron applies to all enemies on the way. The explosion of the elements calls for Suannie Man Tea, while restoring part of the character’s HP and applying the status "pyro" On opponents around.

The second new character will be the legendary adherent Sian Yun. This is an anemo-catalyst, which with its abilities allows you to play your DD from attacks in a fall. Its elemental skill inflicts anemo-dron over the area and avoids damage from attacks and falling. The explosion of the elements imposes a periodic anemo-dron into the square, restores health to the allies (curls from the attack by Xian Yun) and increases the height of the jump in the area?).

The new territory, despite the fact that Fontaine is a patch region, will be a piece between Li-Yue and the Water Kingdom. Players will wait not only new settlements, but also the wonders necessary for pumping the characters added in update. New tasks will be related to this legendary place, cradle of archons. Legends and reality are intertwined in the plot of the valley. Well, Lee Yue streets will be decorated with a traditional holiday of sea lamps.

In honor of the holiday, new outfits will receive a number of characters:

Activity within the festival will not surprise experienced players with their mechanics, but the festive design should please the eye. In addition to standard awards, during the events of the version you can get one of the new forms of characters.

Traditional promotional codes from developers:

  • BB8QAZHUH2CZ – 100 stones of the source and 10 magic reinforcement ore.
  • MT88YHCZ2ur – 100 stones of the source and 5 heroes of the hero.
  • FA9QAGYDZJEV – 100 stones of the source and 50,000 mora.

You can activate promo on the official website, or in the game (settings -> Account). The validity of the codes expires on January 20 at 07:00 (according to Moscow time).

Possible details of the development of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater have appeared on the Web

This year, a remake of the third part of the Metal Gear Solid Games from Konami for home -generation consoles and PC was officially announced. Since the announcement of the game, we have not received any new news about the project. However, recently an insider through Reddit shared some information about the game from his sources.

  • The game has been in development for more than 3 years, the main work on it has been completed, and those who work on it are now waiting for the release date.
  • The game is a 100% remake of the original version without any changes. No new scenes, new locations, etc. D. Do not wait, because Konami clearly asked that the remake was 100% identical to the original version of the game.
  • No new versions of the capture of the movements of the characters were requested due to the fact that the dialogs of the game are the same as in the original version, without any changes.
  • Cinematic scenes abandoned the idea of ​​the cinematic screen “with black stripes above and below”, and the game became full screen.
  • The game is in development on Unreal Engine, most likely in its fourth version.

1. It can already not be 100% identical, and if it is, then we will find a repetition of history with GTA remasters

2. Fox Engine? Or everyone who could work with him already fled?

I am sometimes sorry that such claims cannot be directed directly to the authors due to the language barrier.
I would like to hear the answer of the developers on this topic

"Possible details of development have appeared on the network. "

Any thing or is it or not. And honey – I don’t understand what is the secret – if he is, then he is not at once!

If it is impossible to move with a gusy and aim from 3 faces, then this is a fawl.

And manually switch camouflages.

The story with the remakes of Yakuza Kiwami is repeated, there, too, Katsets left with the old voice acting and identical timing in the rollers

Well, it looked normal. Honestly, xs for which everyone is so running around on the navigation that Katsen simply renked it there. They were removed excellent and now look good.

By the way, by the way, it’s also a great level and thank God that they will leave it as it is, otherwise it can turn out the next The Twin Snakes.

The voice acting will definitely be rewritten, there was already news that the team of the actors of the voice acting was again assembled for a remake

For 3 years, Pachinko developed a version and ported to the console and PC

On the one hand, it is good that they did not change anything on the other, and how they then did a RIMAK? They simply increased the permission and details of the textures by transferring the whole case to a new engine, since he already gives feces. And if it comes to Konami, I would even say lift!

So the games are 1) not on the PC, the remake itself will resurrect it and transfer it to several platforms, including the PC, which is why it will finally become more fanbaza, which, by the way, is not enough metal gear.
Only recently she shot Rising with the very last point in the game time, and then, by chance, and the fifth part speaks only as something that seems to be, but no one knows, like all other parts.
2) They did not just pull the textures and added a couple of landfills. Development is carried out on the fifth Henrila, which adds even more atmosphere to the game, because this is almost a video from real life, so much the graphics surpasses all previous games.
Do not pretend that you don’t see how much the graphics of the old, still playable, parts, from the same games of the 14th year (this, for a minute, 9 years) lags.
3) The gameplay itself was different, now it was copied from the last game in which Kojima worked and, thanks to the great attention of the game, many details will be finalized, the other parts of the metal of the metal is a plus and ported to the PC, this is very lacked, the series is so. was exclusive, also as if only for the chosen magnates.
I could not make the development of these games in the market, and after meeting with all the possible creativity of Kojima, which is on the PC, I was very happy about such a news.

And what I wanted to say, besides the fact that you, like many CIS, players did not play at one time.

And you try to delve into when you sit in the comments, this is how communication improves.

Well, that is, you yourself do not know.

You asked a question and got an answer, what is the milk to my thought?
You don’t know why they make remakes?

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Gamesvoice studio showed a trailer with the Russian voice acting Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Gamesvoice studio demonstrated the first voiced trailer, where you can familiarize yourself with the quality of their future localization.

As mentioned earlier, the team will try to attract actors from the first part, as well as canonical votes for the characters of the Universe of the Universe. The Cycvel expectedly turned out to be larger than the original – the volumes reach ~ 30 hours of pure speech (mainly due to the variety of opponents’ replicas), which is only a little less than Hogwarts: Legacy. Hence the necessity in the amount of 1 million 800 thousand rubles.

The team will fight for their native speech in computer games, so it will make every effort to implement this project. The players have already proved that there is nothing impossible for our community. Together we can handle it. And let the power come with us!

Probably the best playing studio for games. I always wonder how they can do so high -quality voice acting?

It’s great that we live during the English voice acting, which now have become much more than before the sanctions)

This is a big plus of sanctions for us. After all, they are English people. Until they press the wall, they will not move their finger, they will be lazy on the stove. But as soon as they pressed against the wall, they immediately harnessed the horses, stirred with their fingers, but the voice acts went to do, the text translations also became more. Sanctions in fact are very stimulated by developing, an incentive to work, an incentive to do something. It is a pity that those who impose sanctions do not understand this. In short, all this for the best!

Yes, in the manner of the Western Society of Consumers they are already accustomed to be.

So the USSR was ruined and all the progress stood up. This Svetlolyki 20 years broadcast to us about the fact that we would buy everything, nothing we need. The geostrate was crap.

This, of course, is fan fiction, no more, but good fan fiction and good game. At least the first part. In the second, these stupid swords with a light guard, so I think it will be worse, but I would like to play, and with a normal English translation.

In general, I’m waiting for a translation, I’m waiting for a torrent. 🙂

A person was waiting for the game and wants to play it on the day of the release, which is in this patient?

But I’ll miss this game, due to the fact that this is really a fan fiction from Disney, like all new Star Wars. For me personally, the last game on the original SW was in 2011 (SWTOR), and the film in 2005 (revenge of the Sith). Further, already colorful fanfictions

And in vain the norm plot, better films

Impatience – one of the human vices. This is everyone’s business, of course, but if you wait for the game only in order to be disappointed, be ready to be disappointed))

Long camping will wait for the same voice acting. I go through a mod on the English text, quite tolerant.

When you are already, wits, learn the English language and etymology of words?

clown, you generally know the meaning of the words you write?)))

It is gorgeous, however, as always Gamesvoice has excellent voice acting.

It is much more convenient to play with English voice acting, especially in some action scenes when you want to follow the screen and not be distracted by the subs, and more pleasant.

English voice acting is incomparable, not comparable, divine. Already ears rejoice. KAEF! Would have already come out as soon as possible.

I won’t even watch! Localization from this studio does not cause questions, we were lucky with them.

I thought to take a premise for a month and go through the grandfather of special and star battles, but now I think even the lazy EAs did not even give up the subtitles, it is better to just wait for hacking or accounts for 100 rubles with voice acting and then you can extinguish both that and that and that and then

100 rubles will not be. Steam removed the activation)

The voices sound good. In the fall, MB will be released in voice acting, by this time I hope they will finish the optimization with patches and the Empress will drive the hack.

Well, in principle, from the first seconds, I thought "Oh God, you can not", and then it seems that nothing, with such a voice acting, would play.

They called the actor who voiced Ian Gallager?

I am surprised that it is considered a “fan fiction” or good voice acting (fan fiction). Although, by the way, in the same walking, the text translation is almost literal, which would definitely not be in localization, because there is censorship there. And this has long been engaged in the translation of interpretation, ordinary guys. Of course, dubbing, but in fact, what a fan fiction? You would not know if you are not to say that this is not an official dubbing. The same voices, all the same. I am all to you that there is absolutely no difference. It’s not possible not of of. The translation is even better. Just how it works? Conditional RE4, caps buys voice acting (localization) from one of our. The aunt of about 40-50 years is taken conditionally for the text, and also appoints actors for the role of the English Federation. You understand what I am? Therefore, we sometimes hear a bunch of nonsense, or strange phrases, well, not only in games, even in films, in cartoons, is lost somewhere on, somewhere they are translated, somewhere they insert some kind of nonsense from themselves. And now the same thing, but not the publisher turned to the studio, but since now. For the text, if more stravted people for ENT ZV, or who understands exactly how to adapt some phrases from English so that they are most suitable, this is cool. And absolutely the same actors as in the first game will also voice this. And voices to the heroes are well suited to the trailer. I painted it all, because according to the sensations, people think that here in EA there are English Cheliks, they are translating, they are voicing. Well, what are you? They just make a request as an application of the studio, that’s all. Nothing has changed in fact

The fan fiction is called the game itself and its script, which is coming against the current Laura, and not voice acting. Owner cannot be a fan fiction, because it is, although a product of creativity, but not an integral fan work based on something.

um no fan fiction is what is not written by the author in his universe and is not officially included in the ENT

How the voice acting will be a fan fiction, the English language in the ENT, such as did not include?

Canonism is determined exclusively by the works, whatever it is and their personal owner (publisher), and not by their technical additions. You would also determine the bugfixes for fanficity.

Actually, I take why this is not a fanfic

Then OK, only I explained why commentators call the game itself "fan fiction".

Not bad. All DC actors of superhero films)) GG itself raises questions. They didn’t take such people in the Jedi. Thank you for not a Negro.

Good, cool voice acting.

Steam, chopped off, offline activation up to 2x per day))) ahaha, now there will be a purchase))) the ball is over))

And where to get the localization?

Well, that is, if you really get confused and sweat very hard, then you can voice it in 2 days

The team will fight for their native speech in computer games, so it will make every effort to implement this project.

No, rather, Spider just realized that you can dial a bunch of projects, quickly rivet the passing voices, and the audience that does not know how to enjoy the really beautiful and original voice acting will be at least wretched, but our dudes with curators will calmly buy apartments so desired in them. New Jersey. So the only thing Spider fights for and his team is for his wallet.

Microsoft abandoned Alan Wake 2 with a miniserial, but decided to realize this idea in Quantum Break

After 13 years of the break of the Alan Wake franchise, he returns. If the first game was an exclusive for Xbox on consoles, then the continuation will be released on PlayStation, as Microsoft sold the rights to IP back to Remedy.

In a conversation with the Eurogamer portal about the time when the rights to the game belonged to Microsoft, director Sam Lake said that he introduced the ideas of Alan Wake 2 not only Microsoft, but also to other studios, but eventually received a refusal. According to him, it was a time when many believed that single -user games were dying.

So, we created the concept of Alan Wake 2, showed it to Microsoft – as well as other publishers of that time – and, perhaps, it was a slightly strange moment, because, you know, the industry changes and changes along the way.

It was at that time that the feeling arose that linear single -user games are a thing of the past. Today, single -user games with the plot, of course, are very popular, but at that time it seemed that this was not interested.

Nevertheless, the various ideas proposed for Alan Wake 2 were ultimately used in other projects, which led to the appearance of DLC American Nightmare and Control. One of the ideas of the sequel was the use of a mini-series between the chapters of the game, and although Microsoft rejected this proposal, they liked the idea of ​​the series, which gave the life of Quantum Break.

By the way, in that presentation I had the idea that there would be mini-series in real time between game episodes, and during the presentation at Microsoft they said: "We are interested in this, but they are not very interested in continuing Alan Wake". It grew up in Quantum Break.

But in the intervals between each game we returned with a new version of what could be Alan Wake 2, and we held several discussions, and here we are.

According to Sam Lake, despite all the negative reviews that he received on this path, he is glad of this, because he feels "much more enthusiasm" From what the team makes with the current version of the game.

Digital Foundry has re -tested problem -based PC ports – they seriously improved only Forspoken

In recent months, they have been marked by very poorly executed PC ports, such as Forspoken, Returnal, The Callisto Protocol or Dead Space remake. Digitalfoundry editors decided to see if such games will work after numerous updates to work on a PC.

Digitalfoundry will begin its analysis with one of the most unsuccessful ports of recent months. The Callisto Protocol. It turned out that thanks to updates, the game began to work noticeably better for PC. During testing, the frequency of personnel increased from 35 to 40 frames per second on the apparatus configuration of the editor when the ray trace was turned on. Without tracing rays, the game also behaves better, but on weak processors, the game is still accompanied.

Dead Space Remake is a great disappointment. The game has not received an important update on a PC (it seems that EA does not intend to further improve production) and still suffers from microfrisis on slightly weaker processors. At the same time, in some situations, the game still has problems with compilation of shaders.

Returnal, after several patches, still "suffers" From not the highest quality implementation FSR 2 and Xess, as editors show at 8:40 Video. Little has changed in terms of performance of the game on PC. The game still contains small drops of the frequency of personnel in those places that were present in the release version.

In the case of Forspoken, updates significantly improved the quality of the textures on the PC on some video cards, so the game looks much better. The speed of loading/flow of textures was also significantly improved. The developers also improved the frame rate in the game by about 30% on middle -level gaming PCs. The implementation of the XESS also looks much better.

In Digitalfoundry, it was Forspoken developers who were the highest praise in the Digitalfoundry video because they achieved the greatest progress in working on errors.

Everything is already clear here, as they say "Why repair the game if it has already paid off in full".

There is Nekst Gene Patch Witcher 3, too, to this day broken, but there at least no one took the money for this crooked collection of mods (the only + voice acting). And that, keeping the counting since the fall of last year, the only popular AAA that came out in a deplorable state, and then it was brought into a more or less playable condition is Hogwarts Legacy. But here it is possible that it would still have to be repaired for the exit for the consoles of the previous generation. So I don’t even want to take it into account.

I was one of those people who defended the position that this is a temporary trend. Postkovid, a sharp increase in budgets and control from outside, new technologies and quality standards, and also the transition to a new generation. Of course, I still consider this the main reasons for the current situation, but so far the people are very selectively refandated and pre-orders more and more often, hardly something will change for the better.

It is doubtful to justify the witcher for the fact that "They did not take money", They built a stir on this and provoked new people to buy

This is not an excuse, because I just do not understand those who justify the quality of the patch with its conditional free. It’s just that he cannot be put on a par with Fulls of the Price tripleay projects that have not yet been repaired. And practice with incomprehensible "upgrades" for games (like HD teams), old as the world, besides, the approach is always the same, to cram what fans have already done, but to realize worse. Therefore, it does not take so much from this situation, since before that has already seen enough of this.

And what is wrong with Nekstgen Patch Witcher 3? I’m ok! There are no problems. The collection of mods I think it turned out chic. But in fact, I do not deny that someone really has problems. Only now it is necessary to consider here that every year the number of various PC configurations is growing – how do you propose to develop your projects for hundreds of thousands of different PCs? In your opinion, you should buy a million PC configurations and test everything before the release? It is much easier to make a release, get bugs about mistakes from millions of players, and only then to the most common mistakes to pay attention and fix them.

The same shaders know why the PC compiles before starting the game? Yes, because each PC configuration requires its own special set of compiled shaaders. And for example, there are no compilations of shaders on the consoles in the same games, because the console iron is the same for everyone, which means that the incidents can compile everything in advance with maximum optimization and manual editing. This will not work on a PC, hence the various problems of many PC releases. The more PC configurations, the more problems there will be.

Starting from the 8th generation of consoles, can be traced in the final quality of gaming products, that the entire testing sector itself is under the knife, all talented personnel are simply washed out of the companies. In reality, instead of pretending, that you do not come to bile counter -cultural, just come to terms with that game industry and there is nothing there except advertising and capitalization. And it is not worth protecting mediocrity in this case at all, especially when they are so simply not proportional to their mediocrity, they so easily inflate their "complex" Projects of bubbles of capitalization of companies.

I also have a patch of a witcher 3 on maximums as a whole without problems, but he only does it for some reason in one stream, like all my friends. And this is not to mention the rays, which are neoptimized almost anywhere and the lack of soft darkening SSAO up to 3 months after the release.

Witcher’s problems are very capital and not so noticeable on modern machines only because of the capacity, because the game is pancake 2015. And here with the addition of mods, transfer to 12 DirectX and new settings of settings, the game began to work many times worse than with the same assembly on Vanilla.

And even despite the fact that Patch has global problems and it is not a matter of tests (because the release could be tested on any assembly and there would be problems there). But the outfits are required to cover as many configurations as possible, especially such large studios. For how it turns out that someone has good optimization on almost any gland (Rere 4, Dead Island, Atomic Heart), while others have one place through one place. And it is one thing when in the first couple of months they repair small-town problems on individual configurations, and another thing is when the game has fundamental problems on any gland, but due to formal compliance with the modern requirements of iron, it is not customary to talk about them, only the graphon there is even a graph there approximately not for modern requirements.

And the last. Then where there are such problems on the consoles, if everything is so predictable there. Why were absolutely broken on the release of Horizon Forbidden West and Forspoken? Everything rests on time, any game can be polished, and then repair local problems within a month after the release. But they either have a development or the budget ends, or they are coarsely mowed, and then it has to be repaired for so long that they simply refuse it. And lastly, the fact is that about God, how many configurations. There were many of them before, many more than consoles. And before that, the games were ported at all, and in some cases they even gathered again for different platforms.

Indeed, that I am so awesome, I ask for developing and testers to do my job for which they are paid money. Well, or I ask the controls by these cutters to control them more competently, does not change the essence.

Almost the ten -year -old GTA 5 again headed European sales charts last month, bypassing Zelda, FIFA and Diablo 4

GTA 5, Rockstar game, published almost ten years ago, last month again headed European sales charts.

Since the game is almost 10 years, and during this time more than 175 million have been sold. copies around the world on all platforms, it can be assumed that most players in one form own GTA 5. However, this did not prevent European players from buying a rockstar masterpiece in the framework of summer sales on PlayStation and Xbox in July. According to, summer sales helped GTA 5 again take first place in sales charts. Summer sales not only helped the last game Rockstar GTA take first place in the charts, but also helped another game Rockstar to take third place in European charts – Red Dead Redemption 2. The second best -selling game last month was FIFA 23, and Diablo IV took the fourth place.

Another game that showed good results in July was Hogwarts Legacy. Warner Bros game. In the world, Harry Potter took fifth place, followed by The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kindom. According to Gamesindustry, the most rating new game was Pikmin 4, which took 11th place. However, it should be noted that Nintendo does not publish data on the number of digital downloads. Thus, the game could take a higher place if they were taken into account.

Below we give 20 best -selling games in Europe for July (according to GSD):

  1. Grand Theft Auto 5 (Rockstar)
  2. FIFA 23 (EA)
  3. Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar)
  4. Diablo 4 (Activision Blizzard)
  5. Hogwarts Legacy (Warner Bros)
  6. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Nintendo)*
  7. The Crew 2 (ubisoft)
  8. F1 23 (EA)
  9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Activision Blizzard)
  10. NBA 2K23
  11. Pikmin 4 (Nintendo)*
  12. Elden Ring (Bandai Namco)
  13. Mario Kart 8: Deluxe (Nintendo)*
  14. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege (Ubisoft)
  15. A WAY OUT (EA)
  16. Grand Theft Auto Online (Rockstar)
  17. Civilization 6 (2k Games)
  18. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (Activision Blizzard)
  19. A WAY OUT (EA)
  20. Final Fantasy 16 (Square Enix)

GTA 5 reached impressive results again, and it seems that this giant cannot be stopped. We can only assume about the sales of the coming GTA 6.

Forza Motorsport can be aimed at launching in October

Forza Motorsport is certainly one of the most anticipated games in the upcoming Microsoft line. Six years have passed since the release of the last part of a series of racing simulators, which significantly exceeds the time between any previous releases.

After the relatively disappointing launch of Forza Motorsport 7 (aggravated fiasco with lutboxes) Turn 10 Studios decided to not rush and enable communities reviews about the concept of the next game.

After the announcement of the game at the Xbox Games Showcase 2020 exhibition, creative director Chris Esami emphasized the intention of Turn 10 to return to the origins of the franchise, as evidenced by the choice of the name.

In June 2021, Esaki said that the new Forza Motorsport underwent more physical improvements than was done in parts from the fourth to seventh, which made it, of course, the biggest jump in the accuracy of modeling.

At last year’s exhibition, Xbox Game Showcase Turn 10 introduced the first frames of the gameplay. He also confirmed the largest new functions, such as dynamic time of day and weather for each track (in combination with changes in the temperature of the track that affect the clutch of the car), 48-fold more detailed physical modeling, tire control and fuel, deep tuning of the car, and Extremely accurate damage to the car body (up to individual scratches) and trace of rays in real time. The developer also promised the launch window in the spring of 2023, but this did not happen. On the Xbox Direct in January of this year, Forza Motorsport moved to the total window of 2023, although the fans received confirmation that the racing game will include more than 500 cars and 20 different media for racing.

Earlier this month, Microsoft seemed to hint at the summer launch, but the Xbox MrmattyPlays insider said Defining Duke yesterday’s release: An Xbox Podcast, which I heard rumors about the release in October.

This is not the first time that the game Forza Motorsport is launched in October. This has already happened with the seventh part, not to mention the fourth and third. In addition, September will completely remain for Starfield from Bethesda, while Xbox fans also hope to get Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 in November.

Nevertheless, we must relate to this with a large share of skepticism until more reliable confirmation appears. In any case, before the Xbox Games Showcase 2023 there are less than a month left, and Microsoft will definitely announce the final release date there.

Forza Motorsport will be released on PC and Xbox Series S | X and will be available to Game Pass subscribers on the first day.

DLSS 3.5 significantly exceeds DLSS 3.1 in Cyberpunk 2077

Dlss 3 will come out very soon.5, and Cyberpunk 2077 will be the first AAA game in which it will be used, and now we have a comparative video that demonstrates significant improvements that this technology gives due to its excellent scaling opportunities.

Yesterday Nvidia released DLSS 3.5 SDK, which also included DLL files that can be easily replaced in any game supporting DLSS. As expected, comparisons of a new scaling technology with the current version of DLSS 3 are already being carried out.1.

MXBENCHMARKPC published a video showing a comparison of DLSS 3.5 and DLSS 3.1 in Cyberpunk 2077. It also shows DLSS 3.5 FG (Frame Generation), which works just as well without turning on FG on the latest version. The new superdictization model seems to have received another push from AI, which can be seen in one of the video sections, where the fence in the cage demonstrates less artifacts using DLSS 3.5 compared to DLSS 3.1.1.

This is just one of the aspects of the game in which DLSS 3.5 exceeds DLSS 3.1, and we can expect even more improvements when the final version will be released at the beginning of the next month.

Not a game, but an advertising company for promoting a feature from Nvidia and maps of the 40th series, Kek.

So if there is nothing to imagine the Amuda at all, except for a wretched FSR, then how and where to run into new technologies that are divided green, and the 4000 episode has been sold for a year, and not the homeless have long bought themselves 4060 and use all the chips, the rest of the herd is traditionally aching. In the comments about the 4000 series for the elect!

Toli business another herd. Which writes about the wretchedness of FSR

He with his homeless people again.

The campaign took the loan for 4060 by 5 years and will pound

And he could wait for September when the protocol will throw his paper 4090 in the garbage dump)))

Some kind. Slopted. There is no norm anywhere, only one nae. in the form of FSR and DLSS.

And why is native, when in 4k it completely drains DLSS, only in 2k these varicians can be compared, and it depends on the DLSS version in the game

Celica is probably forced to turn on DLSS in all games, otherwise I cannot explain this discontent. No one forbids playing "like before", Disable all the effects of rays trace and play on the same cyberpanka quite calmly, the picture there will still be beautiful.

So the generation of gamers who sits behind the Batin Fullhad Monica grew up "And why is native, when in 4k it completely drains DLSS, only in 2k these varicians can be compared, and it depends on the DLSS version in the game"

I will grab a ton of minuses but.

Comparison with food is similar. Earlier, about 70 years ago, people ate almost everything natural. Did not have "Chemistry", There were no many dyes and any fake garbage. Then, to save and retain prices, the substitutes for everything and the whole, e-shki, etc. began to appear.D. Only grandmas began to grumble with words "This is all chemistry, all fake, everything is harmful". But modern people, especially youth, do not ask this problem, they just eat and get high. I think 90 percent of people like this is quite happy with. Now, by analogy with your commet, you can also say – "Slopted", we eat, waste, waste and chemose. But the question is – are you ready to pay for 100% natural? Is it ready for the fact that the purchased product will be stored for no more than 3-5 days? Are you ready for the fact that the color of the product will not correspond to what happened in chemistry? Imagine, you are now buying a stick of sausage for 300 conditional rubles that can lie in the cold and a pink pleasant meat color. Now imagine a natural sausage, which will cost 1500-2000 for the same stick, with a shelf life of 5 days.

The analogy is simple – if you improve the quality of the product, then financial costs increase. Modern game engines are very, very, very complex software, the optimization of which will take a huge number of man-hours. If the game was sold not for 60 bucks, but for 150-200 with the current number of sales, optimization would not suffer so much. Bugs would be less. But the game would have to wait longer.

I myself program microcontrollers at an amateur level (STM32 and arduin) – and even a relatively small code of 1000 lines sometimes optimize as much time as to write all these 1000 lines. While you find the problem, while you come up with a solution, while you are testing. This is a whole hemorrhoid.

From here it pours out that in order to save our denyuzhki has to somewhere to skip and introduce pseudo-accelers as FSR and DLSS. This is an analogue of chemistry and fake components in food. Over time, everyone will get used to it and forget.

Core Keeper has received an update that adds pets, creative mode and music from Stardew Valley and Valheim

Go to the underground adventure with completely new pleasant companions in the update “PAWS & Claws ”for Core Keeper, the latest renewal of content for an adventure player game, which has been dispersed by more than a million circulation, which is available for loading today.

PAWS update & Claws, accessible as a free renewal of content for all Core Keeper players, first introduces pets to the game, allowing you to find, hatch and take care of various fluffy friends.

Go to the fields of a completely new “meadow” nourishment along with a fluent subterier, a flowering fanhar, a fluffy carbohydrate, the weapons of younger slimes and a pilot owl next to you. Feed and train your pets so that they gain experience and master new skills, and also use your unique combat abilities against animals that are waiting for you in battle.

Find agricultural animals, such as mulins, bambams and crustacean strollers, and take care of them to get useful materials, such as milk, wool and plate strollers-policemen.

Explore your creative side with the help of a new powerful creative regime, passive construction regime, which allows players to create an underground base of their dreams without the need to collect resources or repel enemy attacks.

Enjoy the sounds of a completely new reproduced music from the popular Indie game Stardew Valley and Valheim, which can be found in the form of notes in the game world. Play alone or with friends with a new shock unit and piano, which complement the existing list of fully accessible musical instruments to create their own underground group.

In addition, discover many long -awaited functions requested by the community, including the rotation of objects, improved combat mechanics, a bucket for transporting liquids and a completely new glass material with the effects of light refraction and new colorful coloring options.