Support for modifications, a variety of animal behavior and other new details about the remake of “Gothic”

The developers of the remake "Gothic" They want to add modes of mods, but it will not be easy to do. Dualshockers Portal published an article about the presentation of the remake "Gothic". We will not learn a lot of new information from it, but there are some interesting points.

The first item is concerned with mod support. Reinhard Pollice – director and executive producer Gothic Remake – assured that Alkimia Interactive studio would like to provide it as "Well knows the modding community".

However, developers cannot promise this. After all, moding of the game created on the Unreal Engine 5 engine will be a rather difficult task. Why?

Because Epic Games has restrictions related to compliance with modding rules, which is especially important when it comes to editing and creating levels.

An additional reason why Pollis decided that it was worth ensuring modes of mods is the fact that he himself tried to create a modification for the first Gothic two decades ago:

The mod turned out more than Skyrim, which made us think: "Damn, it is so big, and now we need to fill it with content". “Something like a closed beta was created, people checked whether everything could go through; As a result, we created about eleven main locations that were good enough from the point of view of gameplay, but when we realized how much work and people would be required [to complete the work], we surrendered.

As for the game as such, realism should give it how animals move. Pollis spoke about this with the example of the Scarabes, who should migrate in search of water and food:

Sometimes they move over fairly long distances, which creates interesting situations, since there may be other creatures that [Abalons] do not like, and then they will begin to fight with them.

It is also worth noting that in the English version we will hear completely new actors. This is important, since earlier the developers assured that, if possible, they would attract to work on the German dubbing artists who voiced the original. What approach will be used for the English version is still unknown.

However, the English version may be interesting. Responding to accusations of an excess of the dialect of East London, known as Kokni, in the last trailer, Pollis said that different accents will sound in the English version. They are designed to reflect the nature of various camps.

There are several other details:

  • When playing with the gamepad, we will choose the direction of the impacts by moving the analog stick in the right direction (in the case of control of the keyboard and the mouse should be similar.
  • If at the height of the fight it splates you with enemy blood, the nameless can wash it off by stepping into the river (if the blood does not disappear earlier, I think);
  • Animation of the character’s movements should be adjusted to the surrounding environment – so, the movements of the nameless can differ when lifting to the hill and when descending from it, etc.d;

It sounds interesting, if at least 70% of the promised will be in the game, then it will be as chic as its predecessors at one time.I have been bored with immersion games for a long time, in recent years I can only remember Enderal and Chronicle Archolos, but these are still modifications.I wish everyone who works on the game, good luck, I hope it will be a worthy prodkuk.

I wonder what is with magic?Have never even stuttered about her.Waving a sword is certainly cool, there are those who prefer magical arts

I am very pleasing how they focus on small things and the behavior of the blanks. For such moments, many fell in love with it

In fact, we will see, otherwise now many love to hang noodles.)

what scarabs, what abalones? Belena was around?

They also make some migration in search..

How I understand them. Test every quest, every Loku, change options. Here or to hire a team – what is invoice. Or take a break so that the game has time to forget. Otherwise – green melancholy.

What are the games on Henrila supporting modding?

There are no such and it does not seem to be. It is written that there are rules that limit it. In other words, the owners of the engine told the players: "hate what is and don’t stink".

Request to Google – "Games on Unreal Engine modifications"

The first position on issuance – "List of games on the Unreal Engine engine – Wikipedia" https: // ru.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/List_igr_na_nifier_unreal_engine

How reliable and relevant to today I do not presume to judge, the TC spent about 15 minutes on viewing the list. There was no look for research on the topic of thought, so. According to these data, you can already see that about 342 games came out on UE and 45 more are in development with one in early access.

Chronology by versions and quantity:

UE1 from April 30, 1998 to June 13, 2011 – 25 Games

UE2 from July 7, 2002 to April 23, 2019 – 79 games

UE3 from November 7, 2006 to 23 April 2019 – 128 Games

UE4 April 29, 2014 to May 13, 2020 – 106 Games, 32 in development, 1 in early access

UE5 from December 6, 2021 to June 15, 2023 – 4 games, 13 in development

To understand which of them support modifications used the most famous sites https: // and https: // www.Racedepartment.Com

I walked on the list and found several of those that, at the same time, having models in the public domain, from which it can be concluded that this is an objective reality, and those who say here that there are no games of supporting modding, they are simply mistaken. Below the name with random examples:

1. Assetto Corsa Competizione, 3 thousand mods, did not see statistics on jumps, mod "Mod Rain REWORKED 1.0 1.1" https: // www.Racedepartment.COM/Downloads/Mod-Rain-REWORKED-1-0.62417/

2. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, 1.9 thousand modes and 1.1 million races, mod "AC7 Enhanced Gunplay Mod – Gauntlet Edition (SP) A4.1" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/ACECOMBAT7SKiesUNKNOWN/MODS/1480

3. Hogwarts Legacy, 1.2 thousand mods and 8.2 million races, mod "Paler and Darker Skins for Player Character" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/HOGWARTSLEGACY/Mods/15

4. Final Fantasy VII Remake, 1.2 thousand modes and 5.3 million races, mod "Dynamic Resolution Disabler" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/Finalfantasy7remake/Mods/22

5. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, 600 mods and 4 million races, mod "The Mandalorian" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/StarwareSjectIfallenorder/Mods/257

6. Borderlands 3, 245 mods and 983.4 thousand races, mod "Unreal 4 Upsampling – FPS Boost" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/borderlands3/mods/362

7. Atomic Heart has 97 mods and 221.3 thousand races, mod "Larger Subtitles" https: //

8. Tekken 7, 72 mods and 86.7 thousand races, mod "Party Dress" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/Tekken7/Mods/79

9. Dead Island 2 has 29 mods and 29.4 thousand races, mod "DLSS 2 MOD" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/Deadisland2/Mods/19

10. Little Nightmares II has 11 mods and 9.2 thousand races, mod "Berserk Guts Mod" https: // www.Nexusmods.COM/Littlenightmares2/Mods/11

I am sure that if you set the goal of checking all the positions on the list, you can find even more, but this is already enough to understand that the games made on UE are quite accessible for modifications. Moreover, on UE, some even carry games made on other engines, such as XRAY that Red Panda (ISOBOLEVSKIY) recently showed a stalker on UE5.

For the test, he himself launched the build, published in the TG anti -hut, so that from his own experience he was convinced of the reality of the project and, based on this, I see no reason that not a single fashion came to the Gothic, of course, only if quite talented and interested enthusiasts among the community.

At least I will try to change the config for myself again, as it was with the demo. I can turn off the frantic blur or chromatic aberration, the fog will correct, the shadows, the range of drawing, etc., if I notice the default restrictions or spoiling the picture, which often meet and look clumsy in most games. Fortunately, all these lines in INI on UE work approximately the same for everyone, this is not expected with this.

11,000 subscribers for one stream – users supported Nickmercs after his criticism of LGBT promotion among children

On June 7, Nickmercs, perhaps one of the most popular streamers in this business, published on Twitter a call to stop the propaganda of LGBT among children who quickly turned against him. This comment has led to the fact that the company’s company set was removed from the Call of Duty store only a few days after its exit.

This marked the beginning of a series of events, during which the creators of the content performed as a sign of solidarity with Nick Merx or against it. For example, Timthetatman asked his own set to be removed from the Call of Duty store, standing his shoulder to shoulder with his old friend Nickmercs.

But now, after an almost two -week break, Nickmercs has returned to Twitch, and during his first broadcast, he saw a stunning support from the community.

In a statement published shortly after "incident", Nickmercs explained that he is not going to apologize or take his words back and that he is firmly standing on his statement – but he explained what feelings were behind him.

Last night, Nick returned to Twitch, having broadcast Fortnite and Apex Legends – the main games for a 32 -year -old striming superstar. During the broadcast, Nickmercs scored almost 30,000 spectators, and in 8 hours of broadcast he collected 11,000 paid subscriptions.

As a reaction to these numbers, Nickmercs wrote on Twitter:

Love and support mean a lot, thanks. They shot and damned damn. The train continues to move

In the wide, open world of creating content and streaming broadcasting, this is only a matter of time when the next scandal replaces this one, then the other scandal will replace it, and then the rumors will destroy everything that was before that before. This is the nature of the business, and no matter how bad it may be for some creators, it seems that Nickmercs survived his storm and was not particularly affected.

Starfield community patch contains information about more than 240 errors and problems

The Starfield Space Role has become the largest release of Bethesda for the entire existence of its existence. The tremendous choice of planets makes Starfield one of the largest projects in the history of role -playing games, and with the help of the latest and best Starfield mods you can make your game even better. However, despite the fact that Starfield is mostly stable enough, and the new Starfied update is designed to increase performance even more, almost 250 potential problems were discovered in the Starfield community patch.

At the time of launch in the patch of the Starfield community, more than 100 problems have been identified, and now this number continues to grow. In some cases, the problems are relatively insignificant – one of the messages says that after the entrance and exit from the stealth mode, Andrei’s head, if he is your companion, temporarily becomes invisible. In other cases, the Starfield community reports that the game freezes in some places, and some enemies can shoot through the doors.

But there are more serious problems. So, one of the players reports that if you steal a pirate ship, register it, and then change the ship to your former, you may arise a mistake that leads to a sudden disappearance of the NPC that are important for the plot. Numerous messages about ghost ships are even more terrible-it seems that there is a mistake due to which NPC no longer appear on AI ships, so when you climb on board, there is nobody there, and when they land, no one comes out.

Bethesda continues to correct Starfield: in a recent update there was a FOV slider, a special button "There is", so that you do not have to climb into the inventory every time, as well as a number of performance corrections. In combination with the patch that will be released by the community, Starfield will probably become the least buggy and most stable game Bethesda today.

New poster and details of the next part of Mass Effect

At the end of the day N7, BioWare Studio also decided to please the fans of Mass Effect with a new poster of the next part. It depicts a potential protagonist with a very stylish armor for the alliance fighter. In addition, you can see on the poster:

  • The club is very similar to the “Cleaning” from Mass Effect 3. Earlier last year, developers confirmed that in the new part we will be able to visit locations from the original trilogy.
  • A lot of familiar races from the Milky Way, including Voluses, Quarians and Hanars, who were not in Andromeda.
  • Alien race Angara from the galaxy Andromeda. It can be assumed that a super -powerful retranspect will be built that allows you to travel between galaxies. It also confirms that events will unfold at least in the 29th century.
  • Synthetics in the outfit. It is possible that this is some kind of robot or ghet. The presence of the Geta themselves in the game was confirmed last year.
  • A character on a poster can be not just a person, but a semi -synthetic. This can give the game more gameplay opportunities.
  • Development Head Michael Gamble confirmed that the art director of the original trilogy also works on a new part.
  • The released teaser was made on the game engine (presumably Unreal Engine 5).

The narrative director of the new part of the Mass Effect is Mary Demarl (DEUS EX: Human Revolution, Deus Ex: Mankind Divated and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy). The development of the project continues.

Full -fledged high resolution poster

By silhouette, this is, or it

And under the mask of chocolate

And this is something that Ix Igrek

as if something bad

GG Baba Niger will be

Forgot to add a bearded woman Niger Gay.

Half -haired haters in place. In any Biovar game, custom gg. The fact that all the template was accepted to the canon is already the second.

Also a lesbian

This is not Hait, this reality is already shoved by minorities sorry, I say a reservation, n ******** in the box office only here is Farts from this. I think another 3-4 years and we can win this shit. Hollywood will come to this.

Where is the best inclusiveness?

Where are the most ugly Azari?

Where are the noisiest trances?

Where is the thick soy?

If you still believe in Bioware, look for us in the N7-club.

Judging by the Heydromede, their ugly gums ended, two Azari for the whole game, and the second poor man as much as 150 roles were given😂

Some kind of darker Zumerskaya stinks from the poster, I do not believe that the current biovar will be able to do something suitable.

And the future trailer will be under the rapper)

I reminded me of a raincoat, a cloak of Tane Cryos, if not for the N7 logos, I would have thought

Some have already noticed that the Persian is a little like Jensen, whom the new scriptwriter Massych actually wrote. Plus, Glushak is hung on the gun, perhaps GG will also be not just a soldier, but an agent

In style, it reminds me of something in the middle between your opinion about Teyn Cryos costume and some clothing options from Cyberpunk 2077, as if the sodes took these two options and created that their new.

Cool would be a collab.

Adam is closer to the classics and on the basis of a coat of frock coat)))

Cryos has a tailcoat at the heart of a cut, not a cloak)))

for me so on the style of jackets from CP77

Cyberpunk 2977, this is the base

Well, knowing the latter "work" biofigations, you can immediately catch. That it would be good to be well needed by a GG who identifies himself as a windowsill.

Again gg – Baba transgender without a leg ?

Most likely it is Liara, which was in 1 teaser

Liara cannot be dressed in N7, which exists only for people

In the first part, she calmly dressed any human armor.

Previously, N7 it was an elite division of fighters, now N7 is a brand of elite glamorous grinders.(

Honestly so -so.I was not even in proprietary armor.And in some kind of cloak.True, I know Biovar now, now they will throw different minorities as much as possible.

Deus ex excellent game. I periodically refer it. I love the trilogy of IM, with the exception of the merged ending of the final of the third part, but still. Let the corridor, but very filled with a plot and cool memorable characters with its history. I can’t say this about Andromeda. I started me: and 4 times, went to the 5th and then with great difficulty. Huge, empty locations with a pair of cripples on the surface, trips to nowhere. The case when I think that it is better to make a corridor game or not an open world, but limited large locations, but with fullness, with points of interest and plot turns. It feels like an open world in games is some kind of placebo right, if it is, then the game will be the game automatically. The card is made open, and it is boring and empty on it. Well, with some exceptions. There are also worthy projects.
In general, I hope that the new me will rise from the ashes as a phoenix and will take all the best of De and ME.

I can say the same thing about DA: I

Also with difficulty passing. It is better to recall the orijing with dopa than this parach. As soon as the biivaries begin to bring an open world into games, everything else flies into the pipe.

I agree. Only now the Inquisition is licked, and Andromeda did not please the blocharams – here it is doused. Although the games are idyntic in their mediocrity (Andromeda is not stretched to dozens of locations, which is a plus)

Who licks the Inquisition ? How it can be respected if the game itself passes in 4 hours, its side effects 50+ 🤣

Inquisition of the game of the year in 2014 took

And that from this she is good ? The go of the magnifier was also licked, but in fact, level 4 and useless PVP, which was forgotten in a month. Inquisition, it was originally a MMORPG that did not begin to do, but the concept also did not begin to redo it and threw it offline. Because of this, we received endless events in certain locations. And a bunch of locations of optional. For they were created as a MMO part of the game, not a single RPG.

Deus Ex + Mass Effect 🙂

And what about Shepard? Rex, Miranda, Garrus, Joker, Jacqueline, Kasumi, Zaid – there are no news about these heroes at all. Well, judging by the silhouette, we will not play for Shepard

And they are unlikely to be. Events, judging by the news, take place further in time. The maximum we will see them on the pedestal, or records with their participation.

Yes, in fact from the second part Shepard is half -ascent

In the next part of the GG, there will be a woman preferably black transgender, gay, and it will be very much strong that a wave of hand destroys the galaxies, and not what men will not be needed.

The authors of War Thunder launched a survey for players – the results will become the basis for changes in the in -game economy

Negative reviews for the free War Thunder are simply running in, because the game audience reacts to revised changes in the game economy, which became even more difficult to play the game without paying real money. Although the future of War Thunder remains unknown, it is clear that the community did not expect what was faced with

"Gaijin continues to add nations and vehicles, while increasing the cost of repairs and reducing RP/SL increase. The premium account is not enough for comfortable progress, now you will also have to buy premium broadcasts in each nation", – writes Apollo1641 in a review in Steam.

In response to general reviews of Gaijin players, they said: "We carefully follow the reviews and see that although some players generally agree with us, we also see that there are players who believe that these changes will not help them. For this reason, we decided not to introduce economic changes".

After such a reaction of players to economic changes in War Thunder, Gaijin decided to cancel the planned changes as "first step" To solve the general problem of players about the intra -game economy and how it over the years more and more stimulates the use of real money. In fact, the players were offered a survey that can be filled up until May 25, 2023.

On paper, this may seem like the victory of the players. Gaijin states that this summer in the update to War Thunder a serious economic modernization will be carried out, in which the aforementioned survey will be used as the basis for changes.

Gaijin Creative Director Kirill Yudintsev also wrote an article on how the economy of Free-to-Play Games, such as War Thunder. The article, in fact, understands the principle of work free-to-Play games and is commented by Revubombing.

"Revumbing is harmful to the game because the new players simply do not want to try it, while it does not increase their awareness about the problems that you noticed", – Says Gaijin. "If your goal is not to harm the game, please use other, less destructive methods".

Nevertheless, it seems that a wide reaction of the community – comments on forums, Reddit and even Steam reviews – forced Gaijin to change the principle of work of the War Thunder economy, and even more changes are already on the way.

BloodStained sales: Ritual of the Night exceeded 2 million copies – the authors talked about new content

The total sales of the game BloodStained: Ritual of the Night as of August exceeded two million copies around the world, the publisher was announced by the publisher of 505 Games and the developer Artplay.

Currently, there are new modes in the development "Vs" And "Chaos", in which the online multiplayer will first appear.

This adding network functions led to some problems and delays that we did not expect, but we continue to move forward. We are close to completing work on new content.

The first frames of the new content were presented today in the video conversation, and more detailed information will be announced on September 14.

BloodStained: Ritual of the Night is already available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC via Steam, iOS and Android.

Do some kind of garbage instead of the 2nd part

They announced her in 2021. do both, just that these regimes have already promised, promises must be fulfilled.

I support. Moreover, it is striking that they did not abandon these additions. They promised this as a free DLS, but they obviously had to change plans. And the delays happened to them because of the virus, as they explained. Plus they apologized, and provided the video content, which really surprised. Plus, the new paid content is also interesting.

We are waiting for the renewal, the game was cool. There are even Saba in the video in English.

Damn, I thought the game has already come out entirely. I thought to take it on NG. Apparently, now, on NG in 2024.

They promised the announced content that could not finish. It is surprising that they are trying to complete it. Although they could have abandoned a long time.

Yes, it would be better if the second part was done qualitatively better. You can not endlessly finish the game.

The trick is that they promised, and for some reason they still keep the promise. For me personally, this is of course worthy of respect. Nowadays, many people judge develops for the fact that they do not release the released releases, content, etc.D. The same cyberpunk 2077, which had to have 2 global add-ons, like a witcher. But do only one. Compared to Cyberpunk, the heads of Blodstein did not abandon the promised content, but hold it, and finish it. As I said, they could abandon, but did not do it. But they also make the second part, it has long been known. Honestly from me an opinion. I’m not a developer, I don’t know how games are being developed. For games are, no matter how programs, like the same photoshop, or Adobe After Effects. Just the purpose of such programs as games, this is an entertaining character. And such programs as photoshop are work programs. Each program has its own code, its own developments, and its consequences after its completion. I personally think additions to the first game, they will not be superfluous. Especially if the price for the addition is worthy, why not buy? This is everyone’s business, even for us. They need money for the development of blodstock 2, well, I personally buy an addition, because I liked the game. You may not buy. And download through the same torrent, for your right, they will not receive the money, but you will enjoy their game with the released additions. Everyone chooses a convenient way for themselves. The same developers of Loop Hero said that they realized that because of that hype, when many foreign outbursts left UK, they said that we can download their game for free. And they really put up a free version on their website. And even laid out on torrents. But I personally decided to buy their game in Steam, because for me, their feat turned out to be the fact that they would receive my money. I also sin with torrents, we are all pirates. Only I decide which developer worthy of my money and which. I think my position is clear. The second Blodstein will not go anywhere, but I, while I wait for the addition, and buy to support the developers. But how you decide for yourself? It already depends on you. It makes no sense to judge for torrents, we are all in the same boat. But you yourself know, download from torrent, will not give money to the development. Buy a game, support them. Or you download from torrent, I liked it, I decided to buy a game to just support them. Everything is simple.

The low -polygonal school management simulator Let’s School will be released July 27

The low -polygonal game Let’s School, dedicated to the school management, will be released on a PC via Steam on July 27, the publisher of PM Studios and developer Pathea Games announced. The new Demo version of Let’s School Homeroom will be presented today as part of Steam Next Fest, and the saved data can be transferred to the full version of the game when it enters the market.

A small group of developers from Pathea Games, responsible for My Time At Portia and the upcoming sequel My Time At Sandrock, releases Let’s School; boldly setting off for creating a completely new experience for fans. Players have to take on the role of the school principal, who returns to his alma mater after long years of study. Their goal is to transform the dilapidated school building on their own, drowning in high grass, returning it to its former glory, with classes full of students, living and prosperous.

In the role of school principal, players can make their school territory, repaired the campus by opening clubs and creating a life in the campus of their dreams to replace the school experience that some of us would like to forget. According to developers, Let’s School provides many settings options. Maybe you want the school uniform to be similar to the form of the heroes of your beloved anime, or for students to participate in certain extra -curricular events! All this is possible in Let’s School.

Of course, as in the game with the simulator of management, the director can freely determine the direction of development of the school – whether the school will become a strict elite academy or a more carefree and comprehensive school, it all depends on you. If you intend to support a good educational atmosphere, you can organize various courses and use special measures to regulate the behavior of students. For example, if students openly skip classes, you can send teachers to catch them in a neighboring city when they will skip lessons!

Ken Levin explained why he left a series of Bioshock: “I drove myself into a trap”

In a recent interview with Sacred Symbols, Bioshock Vizioner Ken Levin talked about why he decided to leave the series. Levin emphasized that major success exacerbates stress, and that developers and creators are forced to constantly release large hits that surpass their previous games.

After Bioshock Infinite, the Creator, in fact, felt in a trap of his creations. Levin did not want to feel that he had to compete with himself and increase the bar each time, so he decided to work on another game-the one that took many, many years before it was presented.

Here is an excerpt from what Levin said in an interview:

I know how stupid it can sound. I know that I was very lucky that the game was successful, but this is some kind of trap for you, right. Because you think: "Ok, I have already done this, and now I need to do it again. Irrational co -founder John Cheem joked: "Oh, if we sell a million copies of the game, our life will end there, and we will be absolutely happy. But it was sold much more. Then I thought: "But what if a new part is not sold? There is a bunch of static data – what does it mean? I think this can lead to unhealthy thoughts about competition with oneself. I remember we had the announcement of [Bioshock Infinite] in New York in 2009, and one of my favorite editors told me: "Ken, you know, they all supported you last time, because you were an outsider. This time they crave your blood". I thought he was probably right. This is a natural cycle of things – no one highlighted me. Everyone is rooting for an outsider, and if he achieves great success, then everyone is waiting for him to stumble a little. This is a completely natural thing. I decided, and this was my decision that I needed an even bigger audience. I needed a kind of blockbuster. Therefore, much in Infinite was planned to try to attract an even wider audience. The problem was that I was not quite such a gamer. I rarely play multiplayer games because I am not very good at them, and I like more strange and abstruse games. Mostly I play indie rogalics and strategies, for example, XCOM. I liked Midnight Suns. I am a big fan of Jake Solomon, he is a genius. I think in this I have become a little my worst enemy, and one of the reasons why I stopped making Bioshock games after that is what is that. Okay, you can’t rely on something. You can’t compete with yourself again. This is wrong and this is not a healthy way to live your life. So I didn’t want to make another Bioshock game. I have nothing against Bioshock, just working on it was not very fun, because I seemed to have created a trap for myself.

Larian games will not be released in signature services, says the head of the company Sven Vinka

Earlier this week, the head of the UBISOFT subscription department, Philip Trouble, caused a lot of disputes, saying that gamers should get used to the fact that "do not own their games". The head of Baldur’s Gate 3 and the general director of Larian Studios, Sven Vink did not agree with this, saying that "You will not find our games on the subscription service".

Whatever the future of the games, content will always be king, – wrote to Winka in X. But it will be much more difficult to get good content if the subscription becomes a dominant model and the chosen group will decide what will enter the market and what is not. Direct transmission of content from the developer to players is what to do.

According to Vinka, the subscription models "will always be reduced to the cost analysis and benefits aimed at maximizing profit". At the same time, Vinka does not mind if other developers want to use subscription services, just Larian games, such as BG3, will not be released in them, because he wants another ecosystem – when the developer directly provides the game to the players – the living remains alive.

There is nothing wrong with this, but this cannot become a monopoly of signature services. We are all already dependent on the chosen group of platforms of digital distribution, and openness is a cruel thing. If all these platforms switch to a subscription, this will become wild. As a result "Preferences of the Subscription Service will determine which games will be created.

You will not find our games in the subscription service, although I respect the fact that for many developers it is an opportunity to make your game. I have no problems with this. I just want to make sure that another ecosystem will not die, because it is very valuable.

It is difficult to argue with this, given the huge success of Baldur’s Gate 3. She went out in early access in 2020 and was published by Larian itself, and this level of control helped Larian to release one of the most successful and commercial games of 2023. BG3 and Larian – proof that we do not need subscription services so that the games see the light, and that often allow the people who make the game, sell it, works no worse.

Sea species of animals will appear in the simulator of the LET’s Build A Zoo Zoo next week

No More Robots (Descenders, Hypnospace Outlaw) and Springloaded (Let’s Build a Zoo) officially announced the release of the latest add -on Build a Zoo, Aquarium Odyssey. The release of the latest extension was appointed on August 17, 2023. When Aquarium Odyssey will come out, players will be able to create a completely new zoo with an emphasis on water creatures, build seven new habitats and present more than 50 new creatures, all of which can be hybridized.

For those who are not familiar, Let’s Build a Zoo allows you to manage your own zoo, filled with creatures of all kinds. You will need to take care of your creatures, monitoring the food and providing objects for the game, as well as increasing the number of visitors and the profit of your park, as well as making various moral or immoral decisions along this path.

As you increase the status of your zoo, you ultimately earn research glasses that can be used to open new aviary, objects, shops and development, including the DNA spectacular. Using a unique “hybrid” mechanics of the game, you can connect animals together to create wild options, such as a snake-coal or crocodile-ear.

With the addition of completely new marine creatures and a number of aviaries, objects and jewelry for creating a new zoo, Aquarium Odyssey will also present the opportunity to create hybrid sea creatures, which should be an explosion.

Pre-preliminary viewing of the upcoming DLC, which is large enough to be considered a full-fledged continuation, given that it represents a completely new zoo style and research goals, showed a view of some creatures that can be expected in expansion, such as lobsters, clown fish, squid, squid Karakatitsa, eel, solar fish, sea star, hedgehog and much more.

According to Springloaded, there will also be many new stores in this expansion, including sellers of pasta with squid ink, as well as many new decorations and other objects that will revive your new aquarium zoop. As in the previous DLC Dinosaur Island, Aquarium Odyssey will also present a new story campaign, quests, choice options and new intra -game events.